David Jaffe Explains Map Monetization in PS4 Exclusive Drawn to Death; Denies Pay to Win Accusation

Yesterday Drawn to Death Game Director David Jaffe talked about weapon monetization in the game, and today he gave more info on the monetization or maps. Incidentally, he also refuted accusations on the game being “pay to win.”

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Palitera1188d ago

Pay to win is only one of the issues with pay-to-progress (aka F2P) games.

Xof1188d ago

Pay-to-win means the same thing as pay-to-progress.

And while many F2P games are pay-to-win, that monetization model is not intrinsic to the genre. Many F2P games are able to make money solely through cosmetic purchases. Star Trek Online and Team Fortress 2 are probably the best examples of this.

Qrphe1188d ago

Too bad Loadout isn't a good example for that, what a shame.

Dir_en_grey1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

It's free so I'll try. I hope it's like Warframe, I had so many fun hours in that game w/o even having to come close to paying. When I was ready to move on to other games I willingly payed for slots I don't even need just to thank the developers for the fun times. Plus knowing there are future updates I know the money I payed will not go to waste when I come back later.

Also having co-op might make people wanting to play the game longer, because there will be people who are just not good enough and at least they can have fun w/ friends carrying them throughout co-op missions. Also constantly giving new co-op maps satisfy the sense of exploration and it's easy to introduce new elements/enemies. Constant PvP maps are just like oh great I have to memorize another map again. Sense of work and reward is why people play games, to get that endorphin in our brain when we get that reward. Paying to get stuff you don't feel anything. Maybe when that translates to wins, but then you have get that win first to get the satisfaction.

If Jaffe is modeling this after a fighting game, then people need all the tools/characters to test out the balance and match ups against each character or weapon in this case, then they go online to test out how their strats in training mode pays off. So in those games cosmetics is the way to go because not having access to characters that other people paid for is definitely a handicap.

Business is hard, but I always have fun w/ Jaffe's games so hopefully the business side goes well for him so we get to see more games from him.

Rookie_Monster1188d ago

Didn't the former Sony Online game H1Z1 also denied pay to win?

I don't trust anything coming from these developers.

MegaRay1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

*Says something bad about F2P*
*waits jaffe's reply*

sparced1188d ago

You know what this game is? Dead On Arrival. Yep.

(Hi Jaffe)

SonyOnly41188d ago

Then I guess fable legends is dead on announcement.

Bundi1188d ago

No actually Fable Legends was not announced initially as f2p. That development is more recent. Plus Fable Legends has the benefit of having an established fanbase right out the door whereas Sunset Drawn by Hand with no story doesn't.

sparced1188d ago

David Jaffe is the Joel Schumacher of the games industry. This arrogant, self deluded and out of touch "veteran developer" is about to be humbled. Drawn to Death will be his latest failure and in all likelihood be last game he will have the backing to make.

snaggdadon1188d ago

jaffe is a damn chiseler now!! chipping away at our wallets just make the damn game and price it!!!! wth!

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