GWN Preview: Sonic Unleashed

GWN reports:

''Rather than making another 3D Sonic game with the same formula started by Sonic Adventure way back in 1999, Sonic Unleashed is a complete rebirth of the franchise that utilizes both 3D and 2D gaming styles. The 3D portions of the game puts the camera behind Sonic as he blazes down a set path similar to how he would in Sonic and the Secret Rings for the Wii. Unlike that game however, Sonic is actually under your total control and is not constantly moving forward. The great thing about the camera being constantly behind Sonic is that it eliminates the need for having to deal with a clumsy camera system that has always been the bane of 3D Sonic games.

When the game shifts to a 2D perspective, it's just like the traditional 2D Sonic games of yore. You blaze down a trail from left to right, collecting rings, avoiding traps, hitting speed boosters, jumping on baddies, and everything that has made the Sega Genesis and Nintendo DS Sonic games such a blast to play.''

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