Guide: Where to Find All Places of Power in The Witcher 3 on PS4

Push Square: "By now you've probably read our monstrous guide on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's various skills. We're going to assume, then, that you've got a good idea of how you want to upgrade your character – but you're going to need some Ability Points to get going. You'll nab these when you level up, but seeing as this isn't the type of title where you can effectively grind, the Places of Power will become your friend. There are 15 of these located throughout the game, and each is marked with one of your magic signs, which they'll temporarily boost to boot. Quick tip: if you have all five of your signs powered up at once, you'll unlock a Trophy."

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TheXgamerLive1099d ago

SOoooooooo the ps4 version has different locations than the Xbox One and PC versions?

Stupid title.

PANDAB1099d ago

It's a PS4 website man, you want them to say "where to find them on XBox" ?

okmrman1099d ago

You nitwit.
He is saying all versions are the same

They could have left out "on ps4". That's implying that the ps4 version has them at different locations.

Delivorance1099d ago

Every time the title of the article is worded that way I know it's Push Square. I know it's a pro Sony sight, it just seems a bit unnecessary.