Need for Speed Is Reborn… And We’re Helping

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably spent way too many hours playing any number of Need for Speed games in your lifetime. Most of the team at Speedhunters are just old enough to remember being glued to our Pentium 1 computers when the original game came out in the mid ’90s, and the 20 Need for Speed titles that have been produced and enjoyed since have only continued to feed the addiction.

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jv19911179d ago

We wait till the e3 to see what its gonna be

EazyC1179d ago

We know what it is already (premise-wise)

Retroman1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

"voice of reasoning "

Let's not "QUICKLY" be fooled once again .
we must take into consideration NFS recent track record . as a reminder CARBON , PROSTREETS , UNDERCOVER, The Run, Criterions " HOTPURSUIT, MOSTWANTED plus joint venture development with Ghost games release "RIVALS"... 7 craptastic games . dont know about you guys my 64.00 will continue in my pocket until i see Real actual gameplay footage on youtube "Blackpanthaa"...... ... , Markus neilsson from Ghost games will only show a 2/half minute teaser at E3 to (fool) us or lets say "hype" our senses up for more. but, actually crush our hopes in the face for let down. like he did with craptastic rivals . in short ....... it is better to wait than fall for that Hype trap again.
im optimistic here but with Both eyes open .

ironfist921175d ago

Carbon was the last good one, everything after that went downhill

WizzroSupreme1179d ago

I'm sure burned out on Need for Speed. They're gonna have to make one wicked good one if they want my money.