A Gamer Chicks Guide to Xbox Live

A girl gamer's satirical look at life on Xbox Live.

Gaming on Live can be so much fun. However, if you have ever played online with me you will have heard me say at times "Xbox Live: it used to be fun!" This is because some days it just isn't fun any more...

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Mr PS33798d ago

Have never been laid either

And why the hell would you tounge a controller pad

Dont you know you could get a Shock

Oh well the Bots are a funny breed

caughtfalling3797d ago

I have never understood how it could be different for a female playing on xbox live compared to a guy...but I guess it is. Sounds very annoying and frustrating, glad your not on my friends list...

However I must admit I believe I could have these so called WPS suffers on my friends list.