The Witcher 3 1.02 vs 1.03 Screenshot Comparison Shows Sharpened Graphics and Textures In action

Today CD Projekt RED released The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt‘s patch 1.03 on PC, the patch improved anistropic filtering on Ultra detail to 16x, and introduced a new “high” sharpening setting in the post-processing menu.

In order to check out the effect, DualShockers compared the two patches.

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GearSkiN1064d ago

This game should have gave ultra setting hell, but it looks like the console version... Poor pc... Wish it was a badass lookin game in ultra for people who invested on higher gig.

Snookies121064d ago (Edited 1064d ago )

It's a beautiful game, I simply don't understand all the complaining... So what, it doesn't look like the original vision they had. It was doubtful more than 5% of gamers who even had PC's would be able to run it at max settings with what they were aiming for before. They chose to make something that was both beautiful and could be played by all. What's wrong with that? It's good for everyone, not just for the few who complain about their $3000 computers not having something to max out...

XBLSkull1064d ago (Edited 1064d ago )

Looks fine, you are a fool if you ever thought it would look like 2013. That's how stuff is handled these days. Latest Star Wars: BF trailer? Complete BS, it will not look anything close to that video - The Division, exact same situation. Witcher isn't the best looking game but it has its moments for sure, the combination of open world and foliage is only rivaled by ARMA 3. CDPR has been very forward with the reasons things are the way they are.

I buy high end rigs too, my PC could crush this on ultra+60fps. Truth is $3000 doesn't buy a phenomenally good looking game, it buys a great looking game at a waaaaayyyy overpriced rate. My graphics card costs more than a PS4 and this game combined but the fun factor remains the exact same, in fact technically the Xbox version is probably the worst version of the game but I skipped over PS4, and a high end PC rig because I believe Xbox is still the best place to play. Don't "poor PC version" around here. If your aren't having fun with the game GTFO of here and play something else. Easily the best RPG I've played in years...

Again I buy high end gaming rigs, but I don't pretend like throwing cash into hardware is a great decision, nor am I entitled to something because of it. A Kia and a Lamborghini both get you to the same place in the same amount of time. Just be happy they are improving the game and not just moving on. Be happy we got this version of the game, and not the mess it would have been back at the March release date, which some companies would have stuck to regardless of the games state.

Nero21421064d ago

Well i don't understand ppl that don't understand complaining , pc users have the right to be piss off. Im not even talking about that vgx trailer from 2013 but look at 50 min GAMEPLAY from 9 montsh ago and compare retail ultra settings to that ,THIS is how ultra should have look like

Nero21421064d ago

Sure two can play that game

Very poorly choosen screenshots but even on the first one you can see that 9 montsh ago it looked better and the colors damnn...

starchild1064d ago (Edited 1064d ago )


But those aren't technical differences. The artists have tweaked the colors of things between then and now, but the technical composition looks pretty much the same. Differences in time of day and cloud cover are also playing a role there.

Honestly, I like the look of the new version better overall. I prefer the shade of green of the foliage in the old demo, but I prefer the colors they used for buildings and other structures in the new version. I didn't really like the look of Novigrad in the old demo. They've definitely improved things in that regard to my eyes.

@Maxor below

Yeah, it will. I can't wait for the mods.

Dee_911064d ago (Edited 1064d ago )

GAH! Its hideous! burn it ! burn it with fire !

...I can understand wanting prettier graphics for a game, but you're making it seem like miniscule "downgrades" and a slight change of art directions, like they went from 1080p 60fps to sub hd 24fps.You people need to seriously get out more.Its the same thing every time a game comes out, you people act like someone slapped your mom, its beyond annoying.Get over it..Buy the game, don't buy it.

UKmilitia1064d ago

imo it looks amazing at times but then sometimes it has really ugly textures.
infact ih ave had some scenes with amazing textures and then really really bad textures in another object like a fence which makes it look terrible,

Unspoken1064d ago

You don't understand the complaining because it doesn't affect you and you believe this is limited to the narrow demographic you choose.

Witcher 2 was made with a lower budget and look what they produced as well as the graphical options available to the gamer. Most users couldn't run the Uber setting and many wanted to upgrade to enjoy the gameplay WITH superb graphics.

Folks who spend money on a computer want to be able to use it to the fullest. When they find that the developer made a conscious decision to limit the graphics engine to the power of the consoles, they come to the realization the developer has money as a priority over the game or gamers. Now we know to expect less and won't have our hopes up when we see what they present as gameplay in their reveals.

mikeslemonade1064d ago

Well the game looks better than Witcher 2.

awi59511063d ago

3000 dollars console people are so delusional lol. A crossfire or sli of med range cards will max it just like witcher 2. They always overstate the recommended specs anyways.

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guyman1064d ago

Well at least it can be played at 60fps on a pc.

kraenk121064d ago

I game since almost 30 years and the game is simply the most beautiful game I ever played on my PC at 60 fps. All you haters simply lost control to reality. What you clearly are NOT is gamers.

Perjoss1064d ago

If these were taken on 'full ultra' then why is the anti aliasing turned off? they are not even taken in very good locations to show off the view distance (which is where the sharpening really kicks in anyway), I took far better screenshots than these last night without even trying.

windblowsagain1064d ago


Go into post processing and turn off.

Motion blur
Chromatic aberration

The game looks much much better.

Maxor1064d ago

FPS is king in this game so ultra isn't as important as performance. Though the game does look freaking amazing. The best looking RPG ever and like all PC games it'll look better in time.

TL241064d ago

I wonder if such a setting will be available for the console version? It would be nice to have such a setting as well o_O

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