Mortal Kombat X Jason Voorhees DLC Review - This is why they run [Dealspwn]

Dealspwn: Season Pass content can be tricky to navigate, especially when you're not sure how a piece of paid content is going to work out. At Dealspwn we always advise waiting for some coverage or reviews before putting any extra cash down, especially for season passes. We really enjoyed Mortal Kombat X at launch and have been impressed with the variety of characters already on offer. So how about the DLC ones? Well, here's our extensive review of the first to arrive, the infamous, Jason Voorhees.

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Blues Cowboy1186d ago

Ah go on then. Shame Jason wasn't in the base game, but looks like a fair bit of work has gone into making him unique.

bggriffiths1186d ago

Yeah Jason's pretty cool. Expecting big things from Predator. Not so much the other two though tbh. Shame there's not a cheap character bundle. £3.99 each or £24.99 for all for plus extra skins for some fighters. Wait...what?

ps4fanboy1186d ago

Amazing perfect rendition of Jason , tall , built like a brick shit house psychopath.

GamingChip791186d ago

This is badass. Jason's Brutalities are awesome. I think they're even better than his fatalities.

Der_Kommandant1186d ago

I'm very happy the way Netherrealm portrayed Jason.

Magnus1186d ago

My dream came true with Jason in Mortal Kombat. Just need Leatherface, Jeepers Kreepers, and Pinhead now.