GWN Preview: Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

GWN reports:

''For those who haven't been following Nuts and Bolts, it is a fairly large departure from the first two games in the Banjo series. Where the original Banjo game focused on the abilities of Banjo and Kazooie and how they cooperated as a team, Nuts and Bolts puts the focus almost entirely on vehicular platforming.

Throughout the game, Banjo will collect all kinds of mechanical parts that he can use to create unique vehicles that can be utilized for a variety of different situations. Some vehicles might be equipped to travel across water, some might be good for transporting items, some could be meant for speed, and others meant for combat purposes.

The demo that we played at E3 came with four challenges that each featured a specific vehicle or set of vehicles that were already designed for that challenge. One challenge had us delivering a talking block of ice to a destination at the top of a sloping hill. For this challenge we had three vehicle choices. One was a large square cage that moved slowly, but would ensure that the ice block had safe and easy passage to its destination.''

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