The Witcher 3: Essential things to complete before leaving White Orchard

"The goal of this guide is not to be comprehensive, but to help players find some particularly interesting and useful things, even if they don’t feel like scouring every inch of the map. When you’ve finished reading it, there will be plenty left to find on your own.

The game proper begins with the little town of White Orchard, its bright bucolic fields, burned out homes and bloody battlefields. If you can believe it, it’s actually a pretty small area to explore when compared to Velen, the next place Geralt graces with his rugged presence. Nevertheless, there’s plenty to do here, and a few things you probably don’t want to miss."

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johnhineriii1182d ago

So, how many other people managed to craft the viper gear?

I ended up having to pay for emerald dust, which was pretty expensive considering how scarce money seems to be in the beginning of the game.

Stapleface1182d ago

Bought the dust, but managed to make them. Good weapons so far.

XBLSkull1181d ago

Hell I did everything that was visible to me before moving on, apparently I missed a bunch of stuff, guess I gotta make a road trip back, and I hope this stuff is still relevant to my Lvl 10.

orakle441182d ago

I've got all the materials for them except the emerald dust, and don't have enough coin atm to buy them. Absolutely loving this game so far!

johnhineriii1182d ago

I had to wander around looting for a while, but I ended up with enough swords and broken rakes to sell. Lol.

Alexander1Nevermind1181d ago

After you complete all the quests the some of the guards leave and its a lot easier to loot. I made sure I got everything that wasn't nailed down before I left.

Kingdomcome2471182d ago

I tried to with the dwarf, but he wasn't skilled enough. As soon as I hop on I'm going to the garrison to craft them.

orakle441181d ago

The dwarf is a armorsmith, head to the garrison, as that guy is a weaponsmith.

Kingdomcome2471181d ago

I just found that out last night. I hadn't noticed that before. I just initially thought that he wasn't skilled enough lol.

Link2DaFutcha1182d ago

Found some dust on a wraith near one of the places of power, save your money for Gwent cards!

XanderZane1181d ago

I bought all the Gwent cards in the tavern, which is why I'm broke now. If you leave White Orchard and not buy them, when you come back they won't be for sale. So always buy all the cards. There are a lot of quests to complete in White Orchard before you leave.

Link2DaFutcha1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

Yup, Gwent all the way. I hope at some point there's a free DLC that includes a Multiplayer Gwent option so we can challenge other players. I would also pay money for a Gwent mobile app where you can earn new cards, and maybe some crowns, for use in game.

Snookies121181d ago

I had to buy one Emerald Dust, but I had the rest of the materials for both swords aside from that. Really happy I was able to get both swords made before leaving White Orchard.

HaveAsandwich1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

i did. wraith dropped emerald dust at place of power. i just have to get it crafted.

Stapleface1181d ago

Damn Rng. She dropped no dust for me. Had to buy it.

Dustinf111181d ago

There's just enough wraiths who drop emerald dust to make both weapons. I found one randomly at a POP, and the other guarding a well. But there's the one in the crypts too, who doesn't seem to drop it. I wish the viper silver sword looked different from the first sword you start with.

xPaYDaYx1181d ago

I managed to craft both swords from scratch I didn't have to buy any of the mats. I did however dismantle something I forget what it was and that gave me a silver ingot. I missed the skull in the beginning of the game the article is talking about, now I'm sad I thought I had done everything.

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WizzroSupreme1182d ago

Yup, the Witcher 3 is probably the biggest game this year with years' worth of content, honestly. Can't wait to dive deep into it come summer break!

buttclown1182d ago

Definitely lots of content. I've put enough time into this game to beat Witcher 2 and I'm still only level 10

Xof1182d ago

...The Crystal Skull is just an easter egg. It doesn't "do" anything.

And yet gamers the world over are deleting 20+ hour savegames to start over because they missed it.

chippychan1182d ago

Good to know. I wasn't about to start over again just for that, but I thought about it for a split-second.

SpookyBoogie1181d ago

However when you loot the skull it shows up under "quest items" which makes me think it must be of some importance. Still, I'm not deleting 10 hours of gameplay to go back for it.

johnhineriii1182d ago

Tell me about it, that is good to know. I missed it too, but wasn't going back. I assumed it did something, but it seemed to me like the kind of thing that would just make the story different; not better or worse, just different.

Nirvaniac1182d ago

This game is awesome! AWESOME!

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