Xbox One Slim Microsoft's Secret Weapon For E3 2015

Earlier this year, we had talked about the Xbox One Slim from Microsoft, a redesigned Xbox One refresh that would take up lesser space in our living room, and consume lesser power. We are barely one month from this year's E3 show; people are already placing their bets on the Xbox One Slim.

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christocolus1102d ago

I hope this is true.Would be great if for the hollidays MS announces the slim xbox one bundles for halo 5 , Forza6 and Tombraider then maybe throw in Ori as a free game (for all bundles). :)

Transistor1102d ago

It's not, I won't go into the reasons why. A 1TB standard is a reality though, even a $299 Xbox One is more of a reality than a slim.

I would be shocked if they announced a slim right now.

darthv721102d ago

Sony released a slim PS3 not even 3 years after the original released. so why would this shock you?

If cost of production and materials has reached a point where they can reduce the footprint then so be it.

super_bruno1102d ago (Edited 1102d ago )

I would trade my X1 for a slim one. Make it happen MS.

Rookie_Monster1102d ago (Edited 1102d ago )

Disagree. The current XB1 was made bigger than necessary due to the RROD fiasco of the X360. The XB1 currently has no heat issue and also the Powerprick is still on the outside so it is not that difficult to shrink the size of the system and make it slimmer. I fully expect a slim model at E3 and made available for purchase a couple weeks later.

kreate1102d ago

I agree w the 1 TB. I have 2 games, witcher 3 and dragon age inquisition.

Disk based witcher got my xbox to 8.6% full capacity. After downloading inquisition, it went from 8.6 to 20.6% full.

unless im missing something here, this is crazy.

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Godz Kastro1102d ago

This would be my third Xbox. Hope so! I'm all digital so no need for a drive.

ninsigma1102d ago

Why on earth would you need three!? :O
I honestly can't fathom it xD

LifeInNZ1102d ago

@nin: I had 4 PS4s....why? kids.

I love playing co-op and multiplayer with my kids.

Godz Kastro1102d ago

Dude, the xbox is a great media box as well. I have a movie server in house. Plus i have a lot of friends come over and we play in house. Its a great set up.

darthv721102d ago

Godz... I can remember when i said i had multiple 360's and people disagreed with me for my reason why.

not because they replaced each other but for the simple fact that I could take my game into any room that had one and play it from where I left off.

sometimes its okay to buy more than one. you shouldnt have to justify why nor should someone even ask.

ninsigma1102d ago

Sounds like a blast! I don't have visitors so pointless for me xD

LifeInNZ1102d ago

oops...I meant 4 PS3s above. Now Im down to 2 PS3s, 1 PS4 and one Xbox One.

Godz Kastro1102d ago


Yeah,pretty weird to disagree about that but hey. It's n4g,i take them with a grain of salt.

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ninsigma1102d ago

Imagine a bundle with all of those games! :O

TBH while the X1 is quite big (ok seriously big), I don't really notice it. Maybe that's because it's tucked away on it's own shelf but after the initial "whoah this thing is huge" when I opened it, I haven't noticed the size too much. Might be different if it was out in the open.

christocolus1102d ago

Lol. The size is something that you get used to overtime. I actually owned the original xbox and that was huge too atleast compared to the ps2 and dreamcast back then. Once you find the right spot on your shelf for it you eventually forget about its size. I hope those bundles are announced at E3.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1102d ago

The entire system would have to be redesigned. The main reason for the size of the console is it's heatsink/cooling fan. I don't think Microsoft is going to sacrifice cooling for size because of it's previous problems with RROD.

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AngelicIceDiamond1102d ago

Slim with 1TB would be interesting.

christocolus1102d ago

I would buy a second xbox one.

SpaceRanger1102d ago

It would be. But it probably won't happen till next year or the year after since they've already announced bundles for this summer with the current model.

I doubt they'd want the same backlash Nintendo got with releasing their New 3DS.

darthv721102d ago

the time difference between the old 3ds and the new 3ds was quite a bit. i think you are confusing the "backlash" with the notion that the new didnt come with the power cord.

jackanderson19851102d ago

Thought the major issue with the new 3ds is that the old models can't play some of the games being released ?

gangsta_red1102d ago

I say go 3 or 4TB, they are pretty cheap and I'm sure MS could get a deal with a manufacturer and have them installed.

AngelicIceDiamond1102d ago

Imo 1TB is enough but they could go 2TB there's just no way MS can do another price drop. It would be even better if they released it shortly after E3 to really make an impact.

But realistically MS will want to bundle it with a first party game or maybe a unannounced third party game this holiday.

Volkama1102d ago

New iterations of consoles we already own don't count as interesting for fans tbh. Nice for people that haven't already invested in the console, but people that already have one would rather see the time dedicated to new games and tech.

traumadisaster1102d ago

It's not investing in a console. You made a purchase that depreciates, rather quickly.

Stocks and bonds are an investment. The potential to make you money.

Now, I sold my ps4 in the early weeks and I made money off of it.

Volkama1102d ago

See definition 2, which is a pretty common way to use the word.


to put (money) to use, by purchase or expenditure, in something offering potential profitable returns, as interest, income, or appreciation in value.


to use (money), as in accumulating something:
to invest large sums in books.

WizzroSupreme1102d ago

Anything smaller than the current Xbox One would be great in my book.

Rimeskeem1102d ago

So a PS4?

Please don't take that seriously

MasterBaker1102d ago

Isn't it a bit too soon? I'm guessing we my not get an Xbox one slim until 2016.

Agent_00_Revan1102d ago

Agreed. While I'm sure components at this point are a little cheaper and can be made a little smaller, I don't think it's enough of an impact to warrant a console redesign.

kraenk121101d ago

True, but knowing MS they won't care if they screw over early buyers in favor of selling more new consoles.

WilDRangeRfc1101d ago

WTF is your point??? How does a slim X1 screw over early buyers???
Will existing X1 suddenly stop working,will people still be able to play games???
Seriously some people just say the stupidist shit to have a pop at MS.
I bought PS4 and X1 day one,a slim version of X1 will in no way screw me over.
Apple should stop upgrading i-Phone,they better not make a 6S because i-Phone 6 buyers are getting screwed over right??
What a pile of fanboy nonsense,if you got nothing to add to the conversation then dont bother

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