Cleavage, suggestive dialogue and more detailed for Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax

Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax has gotten some new details listed by the ESRB in regards to the cleavage, suggestive dialogue and other content found in the PS3 and Vita fighting game.

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ZaWarudo1128d ago

Holy! They gave Selvaria huge knockers!

I'm mean, they were already big, but damn.

DonkeyDoner1128d ago

Too big...but why no?? also why no PS4?!!!

ZaWarudo1128d ago

Okay, so after doing some scientific research on Google i've found that those are indeed her accurate size.

Spotie1128d ago

Yeah, Selvaria is pretty massive. (I would have taken ANY of the Darcsen girls first, though, along with Marina Wolfstan, but they don't exactly have the powers to be on the roster... then again, Aisaka Taiga and Kuroneko are on the list, so...)

Gonna have to get it. Can't pass up so many characters I love.

HentaiMasterRace1128d ago

Those are some big tits! Jesus christ!

TwilightSparkle1128d ago

anybody want to play me when it comes out? I'm not good at these games but I love playing online. Rikukey2 add me :)

IrisHeart1127d ago

Still no date, sadly. But whenever it does, I'll prob day one.

Nonscpo1128d ago

For crying out loud it's rated T for Teen for some suggestive themes, it's 2015 how do you write an article around that?

IrisHeart1128d ago

Who cares? All I care is getting this for my Vita physically. Also Taiga.

Spotie1127d ago

I'm in it for the Biribiri.