The problem with Amiibo: why I'm still not buying it

Dealspwn: "There's no denying that amiibo is one of the hottest gaming properties around right now. Nintendo's plastic NFC figurines fly off the shelves before they're even released, selling out in minutes, while retailers and grey market resellers hustle to fulfil the demand.

It's a huge craze, a brilliant idea on paper, but I ain't buying it.

Be in no doubt, amiibo is a fantastic concept, but the implementation leaves a lot to be desired and seems be headed in a worrying direction. Is it time for an intervention?"

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bggriffiths1007d ago

Nintendo, were getting nicely back on track before they started shilling players for these. Would have been better just selling them as toys rather that gating game content behind them. So many fans getting screwed by 'limited' stock. Limited in the sense Nintendo only release a few at a time so people rush to buy them.

Blues Cowboy1007d ago

Feel like they needed to roll this out slower with more stock per wave. Rarity could be created with more special editions of existing figures. Now the excitement's peetering out, more and more problems and potential issues seem to be coming out of the woodwork here.

Agent_00_Revan1007d ago

Exactly. I actually Want Metaknight so I can use him in Smash Bros. STILL have not found one. And am not buying one for 3 times the price. All well.

I imagine the same will be said for Charizard when he releases. sucks.

Clogmaster1007d ago

Nintendo and their false shortage. It's like 88' all over again.

TheImprobableMulk1007d ago

It really is a mess. I mean, I'm almost certainly going to get a Wii U at some point, but gating content behind amiibos (regardless of whether they're figurines or cards) isn't encouraging me to get a move on.

wonderfulmonkeyman1007d ago (Edited 1007d ago )

A lot of people are complaining that these are rip-offs.
I've only got two, and they've paid for themselves several times over.
They aren't a bad product.

The REAL issue is twofold:

#1 Most important reason: Stock shortage frustration.
People can't find what they want, so they say the whole concept sucks to mask their frustration.

#2 People don't actually know what they want Amiibo's to be.
Some complain that the content inside is too unimportant/minor, while others complain that they're holding content too valuable to be held by such hard to find figures. (see point 1)
One small minority just wants them to be action figures with no connection to the games.

Truth is, they're worth the money, but it's best to only have a few of them until the stock shortages are over.
Maybe wait until more games support them too, if you don't want Smash and Hyrule Warriors.

majorw21007d ago (Edited 1007d ago )

The only person they're worth the money to is Nintendo

How can they have "paid for themselves several times over" unless you are a Nintendo stock holder?

This is the worst kind of DLC imo, smh...

$12.99 to unlock 1 character in a game is ridiculous, bend over

wonderfulmonkeyman1007d ago (Edited 1007d ago )

Hyrule Warriors: They've already saved me quite a few hours of grinding for thousands of Rupees, rare gold materials, and weapons to use for skill reallocation and resale value.

Smash: both have not only given me plenty of gifts from battling against my friend in his copy of Smash, they're also far preferable to normal NPC's.

Some games have better rewards than others, but with just these two games the two I own have already justified their price tags several times over in usefulness.

$12.99 to get benefits across many titles is NOT the same thing as paying that price for a single character.
Pull your head out of the sand.

@ Swank
They have been worth the price to me. I've given solid reasons why.
Your experience with them does not change how beneficial they've been for me.

MrSwankSinatra1007d ago

These things are not worth the money, STOP.

-Foxtrot1007d ago

How are they worth anything, I see people b****** about people buying collectors editions for games yet will go out and buy these plastic toys for like £12 each. Least with CE you get the game among other goodies.

Fact is they are just Nintendos version of Skylanders or Disney Infinity. It comes off pretty desperate in my opinion, especially with them looking at Mobile now.

How can people easily rip DLC apart but toys like this which don't do that much get a free pass.

Blues Cowboy1006d ago

"How can people easily rip DLC apart but toys like this which don't do that much get a free pass."

Well said. It's literally day-one on-disc DLC, but people lap it up.

Concertoine1007d ago (Edited 1007d ago )

A few months ago i wouldve agreed with you, as i thought amiibos were well used in Smash and i assumed they would have this kind of application in all games. But thus far they've served as 13 dollar tokens for perfunctory MT's across a few games. A MK outfit, some daily bonuses in Kirby and Hyrule Warriors are the worst offenders.

The amiibo boards in MP10 and challenges in Splatoon feel like worthwhile content that contribute to their respective price tags put behind a paywall.

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Finderskeepers1007d ago

Why is everyone talking about "gating" content?!? They just give u more value to ur games by adding small features they are not like the skylander figurines where they supplement an unfinished game.

Blues Cowboy1006d ago

Because it's literally day-one on-disc DLC.

ZeekQuattro1007d ago

Nah its just time for you to move on. Amiibo's are not for you and there is nothing Nintendo can do to change that for you. I bought 6 and have no regrets. Just move on.

Blues Cowboy1007d ago

Probably fair enough actually. There's a section in the post explaining that too.

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