Darth Vader doesn't belong in the new Star Wars Battlefront


"'Immersion' is a word that keeps coming up amid all the hype for Star Wars Battlefront. EA's promo site blares out that Battlefront is "THE MOST IMMERSIVE GAME", presumably of all time. But the kind of immersion EA and DICE seem to be going for - the sensation that you're actually taking part in the Star Wars battles you know and love - is impossible to maintain in a multiplayer environment. You know that moment in the Battlefront reveal trailer when Darth Vader stepped onto the scene, and your inner nerd squealed with euphoric glee? Imagine that this is what happened directly after the camera cut away:"

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slinky1234561155d ago

Sure, go ahead and cut more that was in previous titles... JUST TAKE MY WHOLE CHILD-HOOD AWAY!


slappy5081155d ago

*does a force choke on the writer* you have failed me for the last time, gamesrader.

leogets1155d ago

Whats this author on? Its a video game ffs.. im sure will be seeing alot of speeder bikes crashing into trees as soon as the accelerate off.that dont happen in the movies either. Ive c4d myself countless times on battlefield along with flying choppers straight into the ground. Didnt break my immersion on war tho.

s45gr321155d ago

Agggh another useless article, this dlc crap is killing video game content for real. I don't know I feel that games back then had more content than today's game

SpinalRemains1381155d ago


You don't deserve to play any Star Wars games.

We all want to be Darth Vader regardless of absurdity. Its not like a half robot half evil man in a cape with powers and a laser sword is absurd by itself or anything. Jeez, guys. Lighten up 😔

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