GWN Preview: Red Faction: Guerrilla

GWN reports:

''To be released as a public beta on or around the 25th, this new Red Faction title is looking very good and we expect to see much more of it in the news.

Following the original Red Faction (not 2, as the developers pointed out), Red Faction: Guerilla takes place 50 years later on a terraformed Mars. While the story remains a mystery, it's clear that the current powers at hand are unjust and unfair, and thus the title Guerilla.

Also following said title is the form of gameplay that takes place, namely guerilla warfare. Using nothing but mining equipment (albeit powerful, dangerous and weaponized mining equipment), players must strike fear into the hearts of the enemy government, which acts more like a military corporation, and put it back in the hands of the people.

To do this, developer Volition, probably still best known for the PC marvels of the 90's Descent Freespace 1 & 2, has made Guerilla as real as I've ever seen a game. The story goes like this: in making the environments destructible with realistic physics utilizing the Havok physics engine, Volition found that their current models for all the buildings and vehicles were, well, wrong. Because they were made for a game, not for the real world. Ever turn the camera while up against a wall and see ugly grays or browns? That's because most game buildings are completely hollow and only portray certain qualities.''

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