EA: Need for Speed Sold a Lot Better 10 Years Ago

"Need for Speed, ten years ago, sold a lot more copies than it sells now."

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AlokTheDemon1155d ago

Simply because old most wanted was best and new one sucks.

hells_supernova1154d ago

That and they put out two in one year. Over saturating the market

Khajiit861154d ago

You guys both nailed it.

Retroman1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

Actully the "First" 9 NFS games was the best 5 from ps1era 4 from ps2 era hotpursuit2,underground,underg round 2 after MostWanted nfs fell apart .

SpinalRemains1381155d ago


Say the masters of regurgitating the same old crap

UbiquitousClam1155d ago

Because they used to be good games. I hope this reboot brings Need for Speed back as it has mad me sad how these past few years one of the biggest car licences (Porsche) has been wasted on these horrible games.

Hoffmann1155d ago

No wonder. Need for Speed was a lot better 10-18 years ago.

Need for Speed 4-Underground was the the peak of the series.

Crimzon1155d ago

Funnily enough, Criterion games sold a lot better when they were making Burnout games as well. Maybe EA should let them do what they do best?

Kurisu1155d ago

I need another Burnout in my life.

desolationstorm1154d ago

Wish they would make another one.

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The story is too old to be commented.