The Witcher 3 – Remember How Games Used To Be?

Stu at Sushimonster85 writes 'Much has already be written/said about the sheer size of the game, both in terms of its world, and content, however it was the actual physical package itself that immediately caught my attention. The game comes with an actual (multi-page) manual, a map, a compendium, and even the games soundtrack. Take a trip back in time, and that may not have raised many eyebrows, however in a time where if a company does decide to include a physical manual in the box it consisted of what can only be described as a leaflet, it seems an incredibly generous offering from CD Projekt Red. Here, like the grumpy old man I am, I look back at the good old days, and take a look at features that used to be standard, problems that we never had to deal with, and wonder where it all went so weird.'

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Mikey Mike1123d ago

I was pleasantly surprised at how much the developers gave away in the regular edition. I wish they would release a collectors edition that includes all three games. However, I am reading the books to catch up.

b_one1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

Good choice to read books, you can also watch a Witcher series made in Poland while ago (some special effects are lame, but...)

(more info about movie you will find in YT comments)

Also watch out for this book as i dont know if it will be translated.

Mikey Mike1123d ago

Thanks for the heads up...

wakeNbake1123d ago

Already played 40 hours havent even nade it to Skellige, I like to savor these type of games, do all the side quests before I move on.

FrostXVenom1123d ago

40 hours,how awesome is it so far?

sushimonster851123d ago

Well speaking as someone who is ~20 hours in, I can say its pretty awesome! There's so much to do its almost overwhelming.


It's great! Im only about 12 hours in and it does seem very overwhelming, a lot of replay value. I can already tell this will be at least 200 hours before im done

aquaticDonut1123d ago

:/ Still fine with the cheaper, convenient, and more practical digital version.

deadfrag1123d ago

Cheaper only if you got it on PC,because the console versions the cheaper and more complete its the physical edition!

jmc88881123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

Wall Street. Gotta beat those estimates in whatever way you can...

Reducing content
Reusing assets
Abusive DLC
Cost reduction via lack of physical pack-ins...maps, manuals, etc
Turning off servers 6 months - 2 years after launch
...and probably more.

It's why Wall Street doesn't work, it's a useless middleman the screws everything up. The Wall Street model is DESTROYING business. Hence, the global depression we're in that will continue until we either rein in Wall Street, or it destroys itself... and that's called a breakdown crisis which can and usually leads to world war.

It's bigger picture guys.. CD Projekt Red is interested in delivering value, and know that a good business is built and profits come when you deliver value. It's also DRM free.

Sure there are good games that are fun with the Wall Street firms, but where is the value in them?

Now not all Wall Street firms act like Wall Street firms, but the pressure is ALWAYS there, and over time, just about every one of them succumb to it. EA and Activision used to mean value. They were the ones who broke away from ATARI, but look at what they morphed into.

Let's use EA as an example, the best value they've delivered the last many years was PvZ: Garden Warfare. Cheaper price. Some free DLC. That's pretty good, amazing even for EA, but it still lacks much of that value CD Projekt Red just provided, and with a PvZ:GW2 rumored to come out next year, those servers might be turned off only two years into its existence. Also they had microtransactions which gave players who paid an advantage until you could earn the coins to buy the packs to unlock all the characters and weapon upgrades.

By contrast, The Witcher 3 also has a DLC season pass, but it isn't Arkham Knight's $40, and it probably will give you multiple times the content. Also they are giving 16 pieces of free DLC to base game owners, and of course that base game has a Skyrim like hundred or two hours of true gameplay to be had. At least 40 for the main quests.

People need to start thinking big picture, because otherwise you miss the driving forces behind... well everything.