Is the Hori Fighting Commander 4 worth buying for PlayStation 4?

A look as to whether or not the Hori Fighting Commander 4 is worth purchasing for the PlayStation 4 console.

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Kingdomcome2471155d ago

I'm not going to buy it as I don't really get into fighting games anymore for some reason, and I just preordered/paid off the red magma DS4 to take care of my current controller needs. I actually really like the aesthetics of this controller, though.

caseh1155d ago

Problem with reviews like this as it's based on initial impressions rather than long term use. The FC4 has inherited the same issues it's predecessor had in that the d-pad contacts wear quite quickly. Worked great for about 3 months for me but now it's tendency to miss diagonal inputs means it's not far off being a paperweight.

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