Various DualShock 4 colors and thumb grips discounted

Various DualShock 4 colors have been discounted to as low as $44.57. Several thumb grips for the PS4 controller are also on sale for as low as $3.74.

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solidsnake2221158d ago

Still pretty expensive for the control freeks

Kingdomcome2471157d ago (Edited 1157d ago )

Yeah. They are pretty ridiculous. You are just paying for the brand name essentially. I've been using some knock offs, and they work admirably. I'm not a camo guy in the slightest, but I did just pre-order and pay off the red magma DS4. I needed a new second controller, and that's the first color that I actually liked the look of. I don't care for the black touchpad on the alternately colored controllers typically, but I think it looks good on the magma variant.

Elwenil1157d ago

The only sticks I have ever seen that were actually worth paying for are Modsticks. Half the "stick-on" style stick mods are too loose and feel like crap but the Modsticks are tight and more accurate than the stock sticks or any mod I have tried. They are expensive, but to me it's all relative and well worth the cash if you want adjustable sticks that feel "right".