The Witcher 3 1.03 Patch for PS4/Xbox One Coming Soon; "600 Fixes" Clarified and More Info Shared

Today CD Projekt Red released The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s patch 1.03 for PC, but console gamers won’t have to feel left out for long, as mentooned by Community Coordinator Marcin Momot, alongside further information on future updates and more.

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Avernus1158d ago

"We are working on addressing the font size issue right now. Another patch coming soon."

kreate1158d ago

I want like a dark yellow color fontS as optional instead of only white.

Mega241158d ago

Which platform is this Font size affecting?

TL241158d ago

Both the PS4 & Xbox One, honestly I've had zero issues reading the text on the screen, I actually prefer it instead of having them blown up to accommodate everyone complaining about it. At least give us an option to increase or stick with the current font size.

Eonjay1158d ago

Specifically people are having problems seeing item details... in shops and what not. It is, pretty damn small.

pivotplease1158d ago

Sometimes I think it is a matter of TV size. In many current gen games I have issues reading fonts. This is probably more a problem on 30 to 40 inch TVs while the 50 to 60 TVs (and up if you're that intense) probably don't have the same issue.

KiwiViper851158d ago

I used to have trouble reading fonts, even scores watching sports.

A quick visit to the optometrist sorted that out.

YodaCracker1158d ago

I can read the font size fine on my 23 inch monitor.

Mega241158d ago

To those that it's affecting, try using the Hud size option, could that possibly be maybe the problem?

kaizokuspy1157d ago

It's affect ting me, my eyesight isn't great mind you. I play on a 50 inch, to me it's just not as bold as I need it to be. If I sit 4 ft away it's not a problem but 6 ft laying down is. Not a deal breaker, but would be more enjoyable if I could play lazy :p

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feedphil1158d ago

I agree. I gave up sitting 5 feet in front of my 50" tv to try and read the display. I could fight through it but with all the jitters geralt and his horse are experiencing I'm waiting for this patch to continue my journey as a witcher. Kinda feels like they weren't going to make payroll if they didnt release the game. They budgeted as much time as they could into optimizing it and now that they made some money they'll be able to finish it. It almost feels like a much larger scaled beta to me.
But, it's a beautiful game worth my money I'm not entirely peeved I bought it early. They deserve the full 60 dollars for the work they put in so long as they are able to fix it.

pivotplease1158d ago

Sounds about right. They do deserve it far more than most. This is one game that I will get soon unlike so many others where I wait months for price drops.

HRoach6161157d ago

Are you really having that many problem? Besides font size being somewhat of an issue I haven't really had any issues playing. It's so weird how some games are effected worse then others.

The only issues I've had were twice it froze on a loading screen. But it wasn't an issue cuz I save so often in open world RPG's.

Other then those no actual technical issues besides a small amount of clipping or something minor.

Summons751158d ago

Honestly, I didn't even realize the font was small until someone mentioned it. Its not that bad really.

pivotplease1158d ago

Then what's your take on KZ:SF and Don't Starve's fonts? Those two games in particular bother me with their small fonts. I'm just wondering if it's a TV issue, an eye issue, or a distance issue. Kind of doubting its an eye issue.

Summons751158d ago


It's probably a preference issue. Some people like it one way and some like it another.

Relientk771158d ago

Agree I have trouble reading all the text from my sofa

maximus19851157d ago

same here, i had to pull up a chair and sit closer than i like. Really im just glad it wasnt my vision going bad, thought i was getting too old for a bit

showtimefolks1157d ago

I will start playing in few days so I will get a bit better experience than those who bought it at launch

I feel like now a days waiting few weeks to a month could be a world of difference. If a game has done issues at launch majority oh the tones those are fixed within first month

Cd red project are a awesome developer and I can't wait to see what they do with cyberpunk 2077

I also hope either they do or maybe get another studio to do a complete witcher collection for next gen

bunfighterii1157d ago

HUD opacity need to be an option - the HUD is so ugly.

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TL241158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

Let's hope soon means by tomorrow or something. Either way I'm enjoying the hell out of this game on the PS4, def. a GOTY contender!

Abriael1158d ago

Normally it doesn't depend on the developer, but on Microsoft/Sony, because they need to certify the patch.

aquaticDonut1158d ago

This patch worked wonders for me :)

Aloy-Boyfriend1158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

I'm not having as much fun with thias game as I expected :/

Avernus1158d ago

Then you expected something completely different from this game. So far this game has been one of the best RPGs I've ever played in my life.

But to each their own.

iSuperSaiyanGod1158d ago

Just as good if not better then Skyrim in its own ways . They each have great major ups . Loving it so far stuck on the botchling tho

slappy5081158d ago

I also certainly feel this is the best rpg I have ever played.i don't know how the consoles compare to the PC which I'm playing it on, but I think the game looks great, and it's crashed for me maybe 3 times in 20 hours of gameplay, which is not bad if I compare it to skyrim and all those endless loading screens I got.

Mykky1157d ago

Agreed, I actually think it is far beyond Skyrim. The characters are believable and for the first time I care about doing side quests because of the story and not because I need exp or a certain item/reward.
It has a steep learning curve in terms of both comprehending the universe/story and gameplay but once you're past that the game is incredible.

To me it might be up there with my favourites TLOU, RDR and Zelda.


Yay! Love the Game on X1 so far, but we need a steadier frame rate please :)

LifeInNZ1158d ago

Framerate seems fine except for the cut scenes where its quite bad at times. Overall its not effecting gameplay at all though.

jeromeface1157d ago

Then you shouldn't have chosen an xb1...

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