E3 2015 – Our Predictions

With E3 right around the corner, the anticipation begins to build upon what we may or may not see during the video game industry’s biggest week. We at Mammoth Gamers have the dates marked on our calendar and are counting down the days until the big event. So we thought wouldn’t it be great to create an article based on our predictions and see how close we are to our predictions once the event occurs!

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KenBorter1185d ago

Great predictions! Can't wait for kingdom hearts 3!!!

Vamphlet1185d ago

Kingdom Hearts 3 may very well be announced this year. My question is will it end up being a timed exclusive and for what console. Because E3 seems to love almost giving fans exactly what they want.

DarkOcelet1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

I am gonna be honest here.

Unless SE release the collection of Kingdom Hearts on the Xone.

Then they should just consider make it exclusive to the PS4.

Seriously, whats the point releasing on a console that doesn't have the collection while the other will surely have in the future?

Gority1185d ago

But, KH3 was already announced.

wonderfulmonkeyman1185d ago

Praying for another nice exclusive on Wii U: Come on, Bayonetta 3!
A Summer 2015 release date for Xenoblade X would make me happiest.

As for Sony, those Dummy SKU reports leave me hopeful that there will be a price drop, even if the PS4 doesn't need it.
If they did that and made online multiplayer free again, I'd have a strong case for saving up for one sooner rather than later.

I'll be trying to get The Witcher 3 for PC, otherwise.

Vamphlet1185d ago

I'm not proud of the fact that I sometimes forget the Wii U is still a console people are excited for. Though I am keeping my fingers crossed you get your wish with Bayonetta 3!

Rookie_Monster1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

Looking forward to the xbox E3 press confeeence. I heard some amazing rumors about a couple of HUGE surprises that will change the landscape for console gaming from MS. People will literally be shocked after those announcements.

Vamphlet1185d ago

What kind of rumors? Come on now, you can't leave me with a cliffhanger of a statement like that. :)

Rookie_Monster1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

Hint for one of the surprises****611212152120 [see if you can decode it} :)

Sorry, I can't go into any more details as you'll have to see for yourself in JUN.

MasterCornholio1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

Are you talking about something to do with Windows 10?

Microsoft really hasn't explained how the XB1 will be integrated into the ecosystem so we might see something about it at e3.

Outthink_The_Room1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

I think MS missed a huge opportunity by not releasing an earlier build of Windows 10 for the XB1 in like mid April.

Think about it. If the Joe Montana 2k16 thing is real and it's a MS Exclusive Cross-Play game, both PC and XB1 need Windows 10 to run it.

Which means, if the XB1 doesn't get it's Windows 10 update til late September or early October, then they missed the first 5-6 or so weeks of the season. Plus they'd be giving Madden an almost 2 month headstart on the NFL.

Also, when does Fable Legends come out? That's another Windows 10 Exclusive with Cross-Play. So until XB1 gets the OS update, that game is not released either.

Obviously MS will talk about Windows 10 at E3, but I think they missed an opportunity to have a really nice lineup of games for 6 months straight.

Any game that needs Windows 10 and DX12, has to launch after the update. I think it's a bad idea to ship the OS so late, but maybe the Windows 10 update is pretty solid already and only needs a short beta.

tinynuggins1185d ago

You mean the xbox mods marketplace rumor where MS opens the door on xbox one game modding? I just made that up but that's something I would love to see from them. I think that would give them the multiplat edge that they want to take back. If you owned both systems and a game was available on both, one with a few extra pixels, the other with optional mods, I would think most would lean towards the mods.

RiseofScorpio1185d ago

GT7 and Gears of war Q1 2016? Nope. Fallout 4 this fall? Really?

Mr Logic1185d ago

Yes, Fallout 4 is releasing this fall.

phoenixfire29121185d ago

All I want from E3 is Mass Effect 4

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