NVidia Disappointed that Witcher, Cars "Tainted by False Allegations"

GamersNexus: "This implication of an nVidia-branded torpedo to AMD's performance garnered attention on reddit and other social networks, following a week of similar postings related to Project Cars. We decided to do some of our own research."

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2pacalypsenow1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

AMD is starting to sound like a sore looser, if this was the other way around would they do the same ?

Nvidia is going for the jogular and AMD doesn't like it , instead of complaining they should step their game up and try to outperform Nvdia otherwise its gonna turn into another 3dfx

Bansai1182d ago

Boo hoo, big bad Nvidia trying to be competitive with creating awesome features.

assdan1182d ago

You do realize that nvidia is doing so by crippling everyone right? They put features into games that the devs themselves aren't allowed to access. So they could say, make the game crash if an amd card is running it and the user tries to use AA (A thing they've actually done). I question why someone would support those business practices. But okay I guess.

Sethry1011182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

"AMD had attempted to work with CD Projekt Red “from the beginning,” then indicating that “around two months before release, or thereabouts, the GameWorks code arrived with HairWorks.” Digging through media archives, we see the first demonstration of HairWorks in The Witcher 3 in a 2013 MaximumPC article."

Up until now I have flet sorry for AMD, but looking at the above proves that AMD provided false information, makes me care a lot less for them.

"NVidia told us in a statement:

“We did not prohibit CD Projekt Red or Slightly Mad Studios from working with other IHVs to optimize their game or any GameWorks features. We did not prohibit CD Projekt Red or Slightly Mad Studios from adding technologies from other IHVs to their games.

GameWorks source code is available to licensees. We provide source code, under license, to developers who request it. Licensees can’t redistribute our source code to anyone who does not have a license.

We dedicated engineering resources, technologies and NVIDIA personal to help CD Projekt Red and Slightly Mad Studios make their games better for GeForce gamers. Both games are spectacular achievements. Their reviews are outstanding. It is very disappointing that they are being tainted by false allegations of unethical behavior.”

If Nvidia are to be believed then this whole outcry has spawned from miss-information, some of which was directly from AMD.

Roccetarius1182d ago

I gotta admit, i was surprised to see my old 680 card was performing better than AMD's cards in Project Cars. If they don't start gaining some serious ground with their next release, which is supposedly the first HBM GPU, then we'll probably not see much of them in a few years.

Perjoss1182d ago

Nvidia are good but if the competition goes away then they will get lazy. I'm not an AMD fan and I don't buy any of their stuff but I'd much rather AMD be doing well along side Nvidia for the healthy competition.

uth111182d ago

That's it exactly.

To me this sounds like nVidia using their weight, not their technical prowess to lock AMD out of optimizing for certain games. It's anti-competitive, It's similar to the kind of stuff that got Microsoft in trouble in the 90s.

And I say this as someone who buys nVidia cards- I've never used an AMD or ATI video card in one of my builds.

Anyone who's ok with this deserves the kind of PC industry they get as a result!

Tempest3171182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

Nvidia has licensing, just like every other company So im not sure how you took away theyre "throwing their weight around"...they licensed the tech and then help the licensee develop to said tech...they dont help optimize for AMD hardware for obvious my knowledge AMD didnt optimize tressfx for Nvidia gpus, so why are we mad at nvidia for doing the same? Nvidia releases drivers at practically every major game release and constant updates vs AMD who rarely ever releases new drivers...this definitely doesnt point to Nvidia strong arming devs to lockout competition, rather it points to AMD not trying to compete.

uth111182d ago

Of course they aren't expected to optimize for AMD, but the complaint is they lock up the code so that AMD can't optimize it

Throwing their weight around- it means they use their greater market share as leverage to entice developers into usong gameworks, locking AMD out with proprietary code under NDA. It's an an the competitive practice

starchild1182d ago

Absolutely agree. I currently own an Intel and Nvidia based PC, but I've owned AMD cards and processors in the past and I want them to stay in the market to provide competition.

someOnecalled1182d ago

I agree but they need to step their game up. Hope they do well with hbm . if Vulcan and dx10 work the way they are say I put both nvidia and amd in one rig.

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johny51182d ago

The war and blood-lust between these two companies I can taste through my computer screen.

Nvidia needs to stop crying victim and AMD needs to stop crying wolf!

ChrisW1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

"The company [AMD] hasn't released a stable driver update since December (14.2), but has a somewhat volatile beta build (15.4) released around GTA V's launch window."

Annnnnd... This is why I buy nVidia cards.

Dark_king1182d ago

Really AMD has some nice hardware but there driver support is just bad.They have always had this issue though and its one of the larger reasons gamers go nVidia for the most part.

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