Western RPGs Have Surpassed JRPGs On Consoles

In past generations such as the NES, Genesis and PlayStation 2 eras one thing was abundantly clear; when it came to role-playing games, the Japanese ruled the roost. Yeah, the PC guys had games like Baldur’s Gate and, even further back, the Ultima series, but they didn’t have Sephiroth, or KOS-MOS, or whacked out concepts like “evokers” that were basically psychic weapons shaped like guns that teens put to their heads to shoot. Console RPGs meant Japanese RPGs, and for many years, that was a distinguishing point between PC versus console gaming.

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NoctisPendragon1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

Lol bring it on .

PS: didn't read yet .

Clogmaster1154d ago

I'll take Dragon's Dogma's combat over any WRPG any day. Now they just need to work on storytelling execution.

Scatpants1154d ago

That was a great game. If more JRPGs were like that they would still be on top.

starchild1153d ago

Dragon's Dogma did have nice combat and quite a few other nice aspects, but it also had some serious design flaws that held it back.

In any case, that game felt more like a Japanese take on the WRPG approach.

I've always preferred western rpgs. It takes a really special JRPG to get my attention.

Magicite1154d ago

RPG is favorite genre for me, but right now Im mostly playing JRPGS on my PS3 and Im investing 100s of hours into each of them. I am yet to find WRPG where I wouldn't become bored after 100+ hours.

NoctisPendragon1153d ago

I have yet to play Dragon Age 2 hours non-stop without getting bored . But Pillar of Eternity or Divinity Original Sin are fun .

kalkano1154d ago

“JRPGs aren’t going away, but they’re unlikely to take the top spot in RPGs unless Western publishers lose interest in the genre.”

Actually, they could if they tried. The problem is, they're NOT trying. Instead of doing what made them so popular, they're EMULATING western RPGs on consoles. Then, the games that actually stick to what made them popular are on handhelds/phones, so OF COURSE they won't be popular.

_-EDMIX-_1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

I don't think thats way. JRPGS's where never really hugely popular compared to WRPGs (here in the west anyway), the main staples being FF and KH. I really can't just name many Japanese RPGs that did HUGE millions in the west. That is just rare.

I don't think its the quality of the RPG, I think it due to just the genre alone in the west. Look at PS3, we still have a huge amount of turned based JRPGs releasing even still more coming this year.

ie Look at the sales of Persona....when 5 comes out, its going to do well in sales, but clearly not Witcher, Dragon Age, Skyrim, Fallout etc numbers. I love the game series to death, but its just not doing those numbers in the west....EVER regardless of it being turned based, that is just how it is in the US.

Mind you...a single Elder Scrolls or Fallout etc game actually sells better then THE WHOLE PERSONA SERIES!

kalkano1153d ago

"Look at PS3, we still have a huge amount of turned based JRPGs releasing even still more coming this year."

Can I live on your planet?

_-EDMIX-_1153d ago

@Kalkano- well I was referring to Tears to Tiara II, but it released last year, (thought it was still coming out)
Cosmic Star Heroine already came out and its turned based.

Persona 5 is coming out this year and likely some more titles might get ported from Vita to PS3 as that has been happening for some time now.

Though not turned based, an jrpg coming none the less.

Aloren1153d ago

WRPGs used to sell next to nothing on consoles compared to JRPGs, even in the west. There was the occasional exception that sold well (like morrowind on xbox), but most of the best selling RPGs were JRPGs, whether it was in the US, Europe, or Japan. The WRPG domination saleswise only started last gen.

freshslicepizza1153d ago

the thing is, they have to emulate the western market if there isn't a large enough userbase left in japan to cater to unless it's a mobile game.

kalkano1153d ago

Mobile is big in Japan BECAUSE that's where the games are. Despite their long train rides and small living spaces, console gaming would still be big there if publishers were focusing on it.

Gamers go where the games are; not the other way around.

freshslicepizza1153d ago

the consoles just don't have a large enough userbase to support, that is why they mostly choose mobile. developers go to where the gamers are and where they can make money.

Vasto1154d ago

Western rpgs did this last gen.

Zero-One1153d ago

Hell, these "journalists" wouldn't shut the fuck up about it last gen.

christocolus1154d ago

Bioware has done a great job with Dragon Age and Mass effect also the Witcher 3 is amazing. I hope we get sequels to Kotor and Jade Empire.

warczar1154d ago

Right, I thought this argument was settled with the first dragon age.

Bigpappy1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

I am surprised that you didn't mention The Elder Scrolls series. It is with out question (fact) the series which bench marked what and open world RPG is, and has been the driving force to lead the popularity of WRPG's on consoles.

It's only kids on this site that try to talk down that series because the game is not focused on flashy combat, but every prominent RPG is borrowing from that series.

christocolus1153d ago

Elder Scrolls. How could i have forgotten that? It skipped my mind. Lol.

starchild1153d ago

Another Jade Empire would be amazing. Dang, I loved the first game. I hope we get a sequel.

Spotie1154d ago

I guess this means as far as presence is concerned. Which is fine by me. Though I've enjoyed a WRPG here or there, there isn't a franchise out there that catches my attention like a Persona, Tales , Kingdom Hearts, or FF. And don't get me started on the stuff that hasn't had an entry in a while, like Xenosaga(which we may never see again), Legend of Dragoon(c'mon, Sony, you know you want to), .hack, and so on.

An entry in any one of the franchises above- and quite a few I haven't mentioned- would instantly trump ANY Western RPG for me in terms of priority.

Aceman181153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

I feel Ya on this 100%. I lost interest in DA:Inq and traded it in last week.

rainslacker1153d ago

Sadly about the only ones that still remain true to their roots that get released in the western markets are those from Falcom and the Tales Series. Things like Ys and Legend of Heroes are great examples of games that changed with the times yet kept their original feel of what made them great.

There are tons of great JRPG's out there, but most of them never get localized. NISA is good, but they're variety is a bit limited. XSeed is pretty good, but don't market very well. Atlus can go either way, but overall, they stick to their staples.

I enjoy some of the newer ones from Compile Hearts or Gust, but they aren't quite the epic masterpieces that we saw back in the PS2 days. Even NiNoKuni didn't bring the same feeling that something like Xenosaga or LOD did.

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