Bloodstained Beta Belongs in This World–for Backers, at Least

A beta for Koji Igarashi's Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night has been announced, and backing it at a certain level will allow you to access it!

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antias1096d ago

Twinfinite doesn't Belong in this world.

ZaWarudo1096d ago

It was not by Twinfinite's hand that they was once again given flesh. They was brought here by humans who wished to pay them clicks!

WizzroSupreme1096d ago

Cool, wish I had had some money at the time. Love the look of this project.

comebackkid98911096d ago

Got paid today. Should I immortalize myself for $100 and get my name in the credits?

rezzah1096d ago

Extra $40 for that alone isn't worth it.

Retroman1094d ago

will the game come as Physical disc or DLC only on ps3/ps4?? if DLC only im out.