Bloodborne Patch 1.04 Coming Next Week, DLC Confirmed

From Software reveals that patch 1.04 is going live May 25th, as well as confirming an expansion for later this year.

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MasterCornholio1157d ago

Nice that the expansion is coming out at the end of this year.


VerminSC1157d ago

Not to be a pessimist, but didn't he say "info" regarding the dlc is coming later this year? He didn't say dlc is coming later this year.

YoungPlex1157d ago (Edited 1157d ago )

"Along with news of the patch, Yamagiwa revealed via his personal Twitter that Bloodbo rne's first expansion pack will be coming out before the year’s end."

Unless I'm missing something, the "FIRST" Expansion Pack will be "coming out" before the year's end. I think you're referring to Yoshida ' tweet. I don't mean to sound pessimistic but didn't he say expansion pack not DLC...? ;)

thehitman13981157d ago

"So I have been asked by many people if we are making DLC for Bloodborne. I can say... An expansion is coming. More info later this year. :D"

His exact tweet. So to youngplex he didn't say that the first ex is coming out this year Just info.

REDGUM1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

I gotta say....I'm loving this game. I'm not good with rpg games. It takes me ages to get to know how to play them. What to do with the points scheme (blood echos in this case) amongst other unlock ables which I have no idea how to spend them or what to spend them on.
To put it into prospective I've spent no less than 30 hrs getting to the 1st boss the celtic beast I think. Over and over again playing through the hordes of enemy's then dying by not learning from my last death. But at NO point has this game become boring repetitive or a chore. It's amazing. I have now got a little understanding on the game play. (With 50 odd hrs you'd think I'd professed myself at this game but definitely not yet lol). I have just killed the 3rd boss I think (lady > wolfprobably 50 hrs of game time for me, and am totally addicted to this game. Amazing.
If you haven't picked it up yet or are undecided I really do suggest you give it ago.

In regards to the dlc coming at years end.... probably too soon for me as I'd only be half way through by then. Lol.

Happy gaming guys☺

bmwfanatic1157d ago

Can't wait to see the new weapons and armor!

weirdo1157d ago

Can't wait to beat the cleric, maybe I'll get lucky THIS weekend?!

Hanso1157d ago

learn his attacks then he is cake pie

goldwyncq1157d ago

DLC should release in Halloween.

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