50 (of the) Best RPGs Ever – Part One

GSR Editor Terri - "It seems everywhere, and everyone has made this RPG list, so it only feels right (and wrong) we join the fray. However with personal tastes ruling the day for most of the members of the GSR team we’ve decided to forgo the traditional, Top XX Route in favor of something a wee bit more user friendly. Over the next five weeks we are going to present 50 games that are worthy of your time, were must have RPGs, or what we consider to be some of the classics. Agree with the list? Disagree with it? Think we’ve completely lost it? Let us know, that’s what comments are for after all."

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kalkano1130d ago

Square had nothing to do with Legend of Dragoon. It was a Sony game.

Inktoid1130d ago

You're correct, for some reason that editing error made it through. Corrected now.

Relientk771129d ago

Would like to see Legend of Dragoon 2 at E3 this year

HRoach6161129d ago

People have been saying that since the first one released. There's probably a 0.001 chance that's ever coming back. Such a shame. Oh well, back to witcher 3

E3 Technically started in 95
Dragoon came out in 2000(99 initially)
Just some info before people start saying E3 wasn't around back then.

KryptoniteTail1129d ago ShowReplies(4)
gamejediben1129d ago


I've come to the point in my gaming life where I play RPGs almost exclusively. If it's not an RPG, I'm generally not interested in playing it. I make a few exceptions for games like Shadow of Mordor, GTAV and The Last of Us. But I'm mostly stuck on some form of RPG and I like pretty much all forms:

Strategy RPG
Action RPG
Dungeon Crawler RPG
Roguelike RPG
Computer RPG
Traditional RPG

the only one I'm kinda wary of is the MMORPG but thats cause MMOs are so impersonal and you usually have to pay a monthly fee.

I really want to see some old RPGs make a comeback. At E3 2015, I wanna see forgotten properties like:

Dragon Force
Chrono Trigger
Panzer Dragoon Saga
Legend of Dragoon
Shining Force
Phantasy Star
Dark Cloud
Dragon Quest
Baldur's Gate
Icewind Dale

make a triumphant return!

If this year turns out to be another boring retread of AssCreed, CoD, (insert licensed game here) and ugly brown/grey shooters, I'm gonna start ignoring E3 from now on. Give us the RPGs!!!!!

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