Atomic Gamer Preview: Crysis Warhead

Jeff Buckland reports:

''With Crysis Warhead, Crytek isn't trying to deliver a wholly new experience. As something like a stand-alone expansion pack with some nice engine enhancements, the game runs better than the original game, especially in the very intense fights that you didn't see in the early levels of Crysis.

Warhead is a direct continuation of the story in Crysis, but it actually starts before the first game ends. You'll play as Psycho, a suit-powered squadmate you shot a lot of stuff with in the first game. As you may remember, Prophet went off to deal with the menace that is terrorizing this North Korean island at the end of Crysis, so it seems likely that you'll catch up with him at some point. And with the military going in again, you'll get nice large battles with lots of KPA infantry and vehicles. I was traveling down a road trying to protect a jeep ahead of me with my APC's powerful cannon, and took down dozens of KPA soldiers and vehicles in the matter of only a few minutes. Even on Normal difficulty the game was still challenging me, as every bullet that hit my APC was whittling it down.''

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