Experience E3 2015 Live in Theaters on June 15th

Posted by Geoff Keighley on May 21, 2015 // Host, Producer:

Whenever I interact with the PlayStation community I’m always struck by their passion and excitement for gaming. I saw this firsthand at E3 2014, when I teamed up with PlayStation and Fathom Events to bring the E3 Press Conference live to over 10,000 fans around the country as part of the PlayStation E3 Experience in movie theaters. It was amazing to see fans line up all across America to experience the news and announcements live with others in the community.

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Majin-vegeta971d ago

Glad Sony is doing this again :D.

xHeavYx971d ago

I went last year and it was awesome. Glad they are doing it again.

SniperControl971d ago

Shame, i'll be watching from bed though, it's 2 in the morning for us in the UK.

subtenko971d ago (Edited 971d ago )

Me too but does anyone else have conflict about going? It's like either go there, get some Swag(mementos) meet some new people, or... Stay at home (if you have multimonitor setup, order Papa Johns pizza, skype chat with friends, etc.

I cant friken decide!! Discussions... what do you all think? Thoughts?

xHeavYx971d ago

I assume those friends live far from you? Otherwise you can all go together. I'd rather go out with my friends, maybe make new friends than stay at home skyping. I mean, how many chances do you have to watch this from a theater?

subtenko971d ago

@xHeavYx Yea true, but not many of my friends are that much of gaming enthusiest like that.

Also, what if I'm doing some press event news coverage? I think people are gonna be pissed if I even bring my tablet.. bruh wtf cut that light off!" :/

If the theater allows me to bring a big Papa Johns pizza box in that is a good deal too, but then gotta watch out for vultures (gamers that turn into pizza eating zombies) "Bruh you got pizza let me get a slice!" XD

Ghost_of_Tsushima970d ago (Edited 970d ago )

My favorite part of the video. Beautiful. No Mans Sky is looking amazing.

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sigfredod971d ago

Great! seems it was popular last year, glad is back

04STIBluByU971d ago

This looks a little fake but if its true I will be going again for sure!

Nyxus971d ago

Fake? It's from the official PlayStation Blog.

Lionalliance971d ago

wtf are you talking about? it's official!

JoGam971d ago

Dude I went last year. Nothing fake about this.

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The story is too old to be commented.