Atomic Gamer Preview: Battlestations Pacific

Jeff Buckland reports:

''Battlestations: Midway was one of the first strategy games to hit the Xbox 360. Its tactical options of controlling naval battles in the Pacific theater of World War II along with the ability to jump into the perspective of any ship or aircraft in your considerable forces added a welcome element of action to the experience. Even though the game was considered a success, Midway was still difficult to get into with a learning curve that demanded a dedication from players that may already be averse to learning the strategy elements of their game. Much of that is being addressed with Eidos' new sequel, Battlestations: Pacific.

The first game took players from the battle of Pearl Harbor up through the battle of Midway, and this sequel picks up there and delivers the US naval forces up to Okinawa in Japan. The Japanese also have their own campaign, a theoretical winning campaign that starts at Pearl Harbor and ends up entirely differently than what happened in those fierce fights that ended WW2. And while a historical focus is of particular interest to the developers, some liberties are taken to put together exciting multi-phase missions where you might need to establish a base, take on an incoming force, and only then start your real goal.''

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