Suikoden II Ruined JRPGs for Me

Yes. It really is one of the best RPGs for all the reasons stated, which I cannot reiterate enough. And in the months since finishing it, I’m still having a hard time trying to wrap my head around Suikoden II. If I had to sum up the game in a word, it’d be “deceptive”. There are rope climbing mini-games, produce and animal farms to tend, pier fishing with salmon in its ocean that remain free of my line and free of my pot in Iron Chef style Cook-Off battles. There are 108 stars of destiny whose lives are fascinating, others ordinary; but together their stories flow naturally with many carrying importance, regardless of how seemingly small their contributions are to the overall narrative.

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DarkOcelet1100d ago

And Konami just ruined any chance for such a masterpiece to grow again.

They just destroyed their gold mine.