Rockstar Files Lawsuit Against BBC Over GTA Drama

Rockstar Games, along with its parent company Take-Two, has launched a lawsuit against the BBC in a bid to prevent the broadcaster from airing an upcoming drama based on the real-life story on the development of Grand Theft Auto games.

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cogniveritas1070d ago

Although the claim is copyright infringement, it has the "appearance" of Rockstar trying to censor something they don't want people to see because it is not official. Rockstar is generally against censorship.

brish1070d ago

"How is it at all ironic?"

I'm guessing OhReginald is referring to the slang definition of ironic.

GTA had to fight to not be censored but now they are trying to censor others.

Lenns1070d ago

I was under the impression that it was a licensed deal the entire time. That's a dumb move on BBC's part.

Thunder_G0d_Bane1070d ago

Bbc are clowns how can they think they can make a film about Rockstar and the making of GTA without even consulting with Rockstar at all Lool.

I hope they feel the force of that lawsuit and set an example to all companies that attempt the same thing.

clevernickname1069d ago

Apparently you have never heard of an unauthorized biography or documentary. Do you think Morgan Spurlock needed McDonald's authorization or approval to make "Super Size Me"?

Hellsvacancy1069d ago

A documentary is different to a tv drama

Kran1070d ago

See I see it both ways.

I get that if T-T didn't exactly agree to it, then it shouldn't have been made.

Having said that, even if it is on BBC Two (which has little to no viewers tbh anyway here in the UK), it still MIGHT of even made T-T some more sales. Sure, they have enough as it is with 52 Million GTA5 sales, but what's a little more?

KwietStorm1070d ago

I see it one way. That argument makes absolutely no sense.

Kran1070d ago

Well... basically I said that if it wasn't agreed to, then it shouldnt be made.

But if they were to agree to it, then it would increase publicity a smidge more for GTA... but apparently people seem to disagree with that for... some reason.

KwietStorm1070d ago

That "for some reason" is because it's their property and their rights. You said yourself they don't need the media boost. It's not about that. There's a lot of people in this world who will do whatever or let anything slide, so long as they get the attention they want. Not all of us accept this.

InTheZoneAC1070d ago

you can't see it both ways because it's irrelevant how many viewers BBC Two has.

You can't make a movie or show about someone else's without their permission.

1070d ago
HRoach6161070d ago

I'm surprised they care. It's GTA. They already get enough bad publicity wit each release. Plus any publicity is good publicity. It is true. I'm not in the know but it's GTA. I really don't think much can hurt the brand at this point.

scark921070d ago

Still though, business is business, and Rockstar saw an an opportunity, good move if you ask me! :D

pompombrum1070d ago

That's one angle to look at it but on the other hand BBC are blatantly leaching off of GTA's popularity without consent. As Scark92 pointed out, business is business.

KwietStorm1070d ago

Not about publicity. If someone just took your name and had all this info about your life, put together into a movie, and you had nothing to do with it, you wouldn't care about that at all?

WizzroSupreme1070d ago

Well, this time at least it's not Lindsay Lohan or some random person in LA suing them because some AI looked vaguely like them. This time Rockstar's taking on the big boys. Oh boy, let the fight begin. I'm getting the popcorn.

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The story is too old to be commented.