A Post-Mortem of Double Fine's Adventure Broken Age

Grab It has gone into detail with a huge analysis of Double Fine adventure Broken Age, one of the first Kickstarter sensations.

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CoyoteHunter1128d ago

I'm not sure what it is about Double Fine's games, but I find it really difficult to warm to them. They have such a unique art style and, for whatever reason, it puts me off. I tried Stacking a few years ago and just couldn't finish it. I've also started Act One of Broken Age but also gave it up after awhile. Maybe I'll try again.

SlappingOysters1127d ago

I remember thinking Brutal Legend was good fun, but then it turned into this odd strategy game halfway through and kind of lost me.

shipnabottle1127d ago

Wow it's refreshing to see this calibre of writing and critical analysis on an actual website! Nice one.

I think I would find it hard to go back to point and click style adventures. I grew up playing Sierra adventures in the '80s and have very fond memories of them but know that that style would hold no interest for me now.

I've been spoilt by all the advancements modern gaming has brought about and feel I need more gameplay in my games nowadays.

Having said that, Botanicula was a rare treat. I guess there will always be exceptions.