New images and release date for the Metal Gear Solid V 'Man on Fire' figure

Play Arts' figure for the 'Man on Fire' has received a release date as well as a batch of new images. The 29 cm (about 11") tall figure will be released on August 15 of 2015, for a price of 9760 yen (around 72 euro or 80 USD).

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bixxel1068d ago

He looks like Ghost rider. So it shows how Snake becomes a villain? Breaking Bad easter egg!

Nyxus1068d ago

He looks like Volgin mostly.

gameseveryday1068d ago

Yes, a Phantom from Snake's past.

DarkOcelet1068d ago

It is Volgin and it is so obvious.

You know what, i still think MGSV is a mission to create the perfect soldier just like MGS2 and we are playing as someone who is not Big Boss.

Joe9131068d ago

I think the hands with the bullets confirm it is Volgin unless they introduce someone else that use the bullets between the fingers lol. @DarkOcelet I do not think you play as someone else anymore because the journalist who got to play MGSV said you will get to see how naked snake becomes Venom Snake and then said that Venom Snake is Big Boss could have lied but still hope he is right. If it is a switch again does that mean the BB at the end of MGS4 is not really BB.

Nyxus1068d ago

@ Rashid Sayed: Yeah, he's probably a hallucination, like some of the other things seen in the hospital scene (the flower petals from the battle with The Boss, for example).

DIPSET1068d ago

half life 3 confirmed

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