Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel Info

Maxconsole writes: "Novacert site leaks out that the G29 Wheel is going through various 'testing' and 'approval' stages!"

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nix1035d ago (Edited 1035d ago )

Didn't they stop manufacturing wheels and we had to buy T80 for driveclub which was crap compared to Logitech GT for Gran Turismo?

T80 was such a crap wheel.. No feedback. No vibration. Nothing. Just a springy wheel. Ugh. Should have read the internet uproar before buying it. I didn't have ps4 back then when it was announced so i didn't care about the wheel news at all. It was around the same price as Driving Force GT so i thought must have the same features. Damn.. How i was gutted.

sigfredod1035d ago

I hope is true and that legacy wheels support too

Enmson1035d ago

If this means my G27 will work on the PS4, then i will buy Driveclub and Project Cars in a heartbeat.

this is the only reason why i didn't buy those game even though i really want to :(

Knushwood Butt1035d ago

I have a G25 that I use with GT6 and love it, but I also play Driveclub with a pad.

Driveclub is most certainly playable with a pad.

I imagine DC is better with a wheel, but it's a lot of fun even if you've only got a pad.

rainslacker1035d ago

This looks a lot like the Driving Force GT, which I have, and I wouldn't doubt that the internals are the same as that and the G27, as the DFGT is pretty much the same. I'd prefer to use what I already have rather than give money to Logitech if they can't bother to provide a simple driver update or support their devices more than a few years.

I don't like driving games on regular controllers anymore, which is why I haven't gotten DriveClub, and would put off even GT7 if I'm not ready to drop $100-200 on a new wheel setup. Not that other companies are much better.

The logo in the center of the wheel makes a strong case for a new GT game coming.

Larry L1035d ago

If this were the GTPlanet forums we'd need a Ron Paul "It's Happening!!!!" .gif right now.

I KNEW Logitech would eventually bend to the pressure of vocal demand and change that new stance on getting out of the console market. I sent my email. I'm really happy to hear this is happening, and I knew they'd eventually release a PS4 wheel, but I honestly thought it wouldn't be until GT7 was announced, close to launch, where we'd have a new DFGT with the better innards and maybe H shifter of the G25/27 for an affordable price.

It seems there's been a compromise. As you say, this is clearly the new DFGT for all intents. Same thing. But why is this DFGT, which is essentially a really good quality budget wheel, branded with the "flagship" G29 label which was their top of the line model, I wonder?

It seems like a case of Logotech getting sick of e-mails from PS4 fans, threw their hands up and said "Fine! Here! Now leave us alone!!!". While I appreciate the gesture, Logitech. You didn't need to make a new wheel. We just wanted your drivers.

I am really curious where this wheel is gonne be quality wise on internal parts. Is it what it looks like......a DFGT with it's belt drive and alot of plastic, or what it's labeled like, a G-series with a tighter gear drive and seemingly more sturdy materials?

nix1035d ago

I wish they would just support DFGT for PS4. I bought T80 for Driveclub and that's shite compared to what we got for Gran Turismo.

SilentKill301035d ago

That logo in the center of the wheel has nothing to do with Gran Turismo... It's how Logitech decided to brand all of their gaming peripherals. Logitech "G" (G for gaming...)

rainslacker1034d ago

I honestly would have preferred just a driver update for the DFGT. I have one, and while it's not the best wheel, it is adequete and not that bad overall. I don't like the shifter or lack of clutch, but otherwise, the wheel itself is responsive enough, and once you get the feedback set properly it works quite well.

I still think a driver update won't happen though. Logitech's interest is going to be in selling hardware, not supporting something that's already sold. We'll see though. I may just tough it out as long as possible.


I wasn't aware they had a new branding for their products. To me it just looked like an updated GT logo. Shame, because I would love a strong feeling that a new GT was about to come out.

kingPoS1032d ago (Edited 1032d ago )

Well it seems Logitech is continuing the tradition of releasing a wheel for the playstation platform, the eighth one if I'm not mistaken. The fact that the ps3 can use it gives me hope in regards to cross compatibility with legacy wheels on the ps4. Perhaps Logitech would produce a dongle for use on Sony's fourth gaming console.

One can hope.

Gateway MT6706 2008

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Sgt_Slaughter1035d ago

This better be true... the one thing holding me back from getting some racing games for this gen is the lack of wheel support from Logitech (recently upgraded from a MOMO to a Driving Force GT), and this would more than likely mean the MOMO through the G27 would be included in support.

sigfredod1035d ago

after seeing all the info i´m 99.9999% sure is real

TXIDarkAvenger1035d ago

If there making wheels again, I hope somehow they can get G27 to works with current gen consoles. I'd be pretty bummed out if I had to buy a new wheel again.

Oner1035d ago

I hope so too. Especially since Project Cars supports Fanatec Wheels made before this "security chip" requirement information came out. I honestly think other wheels will be approved/added and believe the reason Logitech is coming out with this new wheel is for GT7, as the design of this new G29 has a similar layout to that of the Driving Force GT which was developed in conjunction with Polyphony Digital for GT5P, GT5 & GT6 in mind. It's basically a confirmation of GT7 for E3 in my eyes.

kingPoS1032d ago

Speaking for prologs, I wouldn't mind if Polyphony Digital announced one for GT7 at E3.

Gateway MT6706 2008


Yeah, I'll have to agree (I was bummed), because I ended up just getting a new wheel anyway (my old one can more or less be dedicate to pc) since the new one is compatible with everything I have racing games for (and I hate moving the thing). Don't get me wrong I like the new wheel, but it definitely sucks when you have something you'd be more than happy to stick with, only to be told that you need this new thing "eh, just because".

pwnsause_returns1035d ago

sooo...does that mean We might See GT7 at e3?

Mikey Mike1035d ago

After seeing this... yes.... One can wish!!!!

rainslacker1035d ago

wouldn't be surprised. Maybe a prologue version for this holiday.

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