YouTube Adding 60FPS Livestreaming Functionality

Following the introduction of 60fps video playback last year, YouTube on Thursday announced a new update that will let people conduct 60fps livestreams. The one catch, at least for now, is that the higher frame rate is only supported as part of an early preview for HTML5-compatible browsers.

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Septic917d ago (Edited 917d ago )

60fps streaming is pretty darn cool. I wonder what the upload speed requirement will be.

paul-p1988917d ago

If this makes it onto the PS4/XB1 this will be a game changer. Twitch may be a great service but it just doesn't command the numbers that Youtube does, so if anyone is serious about streaming and getting ad revenue for it they will surely just use this.

Septic917d ago

That's a good point. Having a YouTube engagement would be pretty cool. Here's hoping they don't shove a shed load of ads in the middle of the stream ¬¬

BABY-JEDI917d ago

This is great news. Now we can have more informed fanboys on their fanboy wars.

TeamLeaptrade917d ago

Nice to hear. Glad to see YouTube getting even better with streaming.