Schrödinger’s Cat and the Raiders of the Lost Quark Review

Neil writes "Alive? Dead? Who knows. Who cares? What we do know however is that Italic Pig and Team 17 have teamed up to bring new life to Schrödinger’s Cat. A life that consists of solving crime!

Yep, you may know of Schrödinger’s Cat as the ultimate quantum superposition, but everything you know should be tossed to one side and replaced with a new way of thinking. A way of thinking that is humorous, colourful and, for the most part, rather joyful to play."

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oKidUKo978d ago

I saw some footage of this and it looks a lot of fun. Not what I expected when I saw the words - Schrodinger's Cat

kraenk12978d ago (Edited 978d ago )

Most funny title name in years hahaha.

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