No, This Image is Not The PS4 Cover Art for The New Need for Speed

The latest installment in the Need for Speed franchise is to be revealed later on today, but even then some people are determined to see more before they should, and in doing so they're falling victim to harmless, yet annoying fakes. It does look pretty good though.

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TheJacksonRGN1186d ago

Didn't realize this was going around? First place I come across it, is from a site claiming it is fake.

Funny I'm searching and I'm not finding this pic anywhere else.

chrish19901186d ago

I was directed to it via twitter where a fair few misinformed individuals were all "omg, looks so cool." To be honest, it's a good thing it's not being spread as rumour, fakes always end up making us sad.

Dawknight3161186d ago

If it's not Need For Speed underground they announce today. EA is going to take a 2nd L this year.

Retroman1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

Had a feeling yesterday this photo was fake after reading " Speed Hunter" on tires . i have every NFS title none have print on tires .
also "Blackbox studio" name on this so-call jacket lower right hand corner .
either it is a typo or Blackbox studio started on it before closing and Andrew house have Ghost games finishing it. if Blackbox have any ties to this game we might have a winner !! ...................if it's anything like 2012 mostwanted, 2010 hotpursuit , 2013 rivals count me out.

Spotie1186d ago

The photo with the green car isn't fake. It's the so-called cover in the article. THAT one is decidedly fake, and was probably made by this site.

chrish19901186d ago

I'm a little hurt by that accusation to be honest. As someone who hates getting burnt by elaborate fakes, taking time out of my day to create a crappy fake is the last thing I'd do, even if it was guaranteed to "bring forth the clicks" as some would say.

C L O U D1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

You should go on the Speed Hunters website and scroll all the way to the bottom

TXIDarkAvenger1186d ago

Must be a special kind of person to think that is real.

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