5 Potentially Awesome Games that Never Saw the Light of Day

We look at 5 of the most interesting games that never were.

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Halo2ODST21098d ago

Bungie's Halo 4, that would've so great.

wakeNbake1097d ago

No it wouldnt have, Reach had a terrible multiplayer, and lets not even get started on Destiny.

Halo2ODST21097d ago

Halo 4 had a COD multiplayer... Reach was great, you're right about destiny though.

PlayableGamez1097d ago

It's kind of funny you say that after the travesty of how hollow Destiny end up being.

Metallicube1098d ago

Here is the link to the actual article rather than the main site, which didn't show up on the article itself after I posted it for some reason:

crazysammy1097d ago

I really dislike when these articles include Starcraft Ghost. The game was terrible. I had the opportunity to play it networked with 8 xbox systems at a GS manager conference. Also it was not being "churned out" by Blizzard... it was passed from terrible dev to terrible dev until it was no longer salvageable. It started with Nihilistic Software and then went to Swingin Ape.

trikster401097d ago

Dude I totally agree. I got to play it as well at a GameStop manager conference back in the day, and it played like crap. There's a reason Blizzard had development stopped. It was blasphemy to the Starcraft name.

Crazywhitie1097d ago

how About that game "8 Days"

The demo looked amazing

MrSec841097d ago

Sony stated that it was canceled, then they changed it to being on hold, along with the last Getaway game those titles are just an unknown quantity now.

I wouldn't be at all shocked if they still happened.
TBH 8 Days looked beyond PS3's capabilities, with so much physics interaction going on and such a big scope of world.
8 Days, The Getaway, Agent and The Last Guardian are probably all being developed for PS4 now.

barb_wire1097d ago (Edited 1097d ago )

No 'WarCraft Adventures'.. that game was practically finished and ready to ship to stores.

All the PC mags back in day did huge write up's on it and IIRC Clancy Brown was the lead voiceover.

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