Microsoft Corporation Xbox Two A Possibility In The Next 2 Years?

BidnessETC suggests that if Microsoft does not win the war with games, then it may just have to release a new console.

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Volkama1102d ago

Sure would be interesting if they released an "Xbox One really really premium", that cost about £700-800 quid and played the same catalogue of games at higher settings (incl 4k output).

Not many people would buy it but hey, a man can dream. And just imagine how good the "Playstation 4 really really elite" would be!


I would definitely be fine if they launched a new PlayStation and Xbox in around two years from now technology is so is dated in 4 years it would also be nice if they want a little more premium this time on the gpu's

MysticStrummer1102d ago

Kinect is integral.

OT - I seriously doubt it.

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