Microsoft Corporation Xbox Two A Possibility In The Next 2 Years?

BidnessETC suggests that if Microsoft does not win the war with games, then it may just have to release a new console.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima918d ago (Edited 918d ago )

I would rather them make a new console sooner than later. There's no changing what Mattrick and his team screwed up. The hardware is there and it's not gonna change. They should give some sort of incentive for early adopters though.

I couldn't agree more.

"The Xbox Two has to put preference on gaming than just focusing on other aspects of entertainment."

thrust918d ago (Edited 918d ago )

Nothin wrong with the Xbox one now I love mine it has changed my living room and entertainment system, really good bit of tech.

Ghost_of_Tsushima918d ago (Edited 918d ago )

I like Xbox One also. That doesn't mean I don't think they could've done a much better job with it though. I'm afraid in a couple of years it will be struggling big time in the games department.

sonic989918d ago

i would quite the gaming on consoles if that happens .
i see nothing wrong with X1 .
seriously this gen so far is just a disappointment not because the systems are bad but the games are not that good yet we are speaking about next gen .
i think i just wasted my money if thats true .
and before any reply i want to point out that i dont support apple and i hate their practices i buy one phone every 6 years maybe LOL

otherZinc918d ago

@The infected,

You & the author sound ridiculous.

The XBOX ONE is profitable & selling better than the successful XBOX 360.

The XBOX ONE has the only Next Generation AAA Exclusive running 1080p 60fps (Locked).

The XBOX ONE will have a Windows 10 & DirectX 12 download soon to bolster it's Performance. All first party games will move in this direction using all cores, making PC ports easy.

Fable Legends, Forza Motorsport 6,& Halo 5 will be the first games using Windows 10 & DirectX 12. The 3 games will be 1080p 60fps (Locked) & Exclusive.

Unreal Engine is using incorporating this in their Engine for developers already.

With all of that forward thinking coming from M$, now you see how ridiculous you sound suggesting such a thing.

M$ developed the XBOX ONE with Windows 10 & DirectX 12 in mind, in a few months it will be here. Well done M$.

Spotie918d ago

Oh, lord.

The XB1 isn't selling better. It took a lead, in comparison to its predecessor, due to a much larger launch. Since, the sales have slowed considerably, even with NPD- and ONLY NPD- victories for a few months here and there.

The game you refer to is a downgraded (from its reveal) circuit racer with cardboard cutout crowds to reach that "locked" 1080p 60fps.

DirectX 12 and Windows 10 integration will help with development and porting, but it's not like it'll revolutionize anything. You don't know WHAT the three staple Xbox games will be. That sentence about Unreal doesn't even make sense, so...

Rather than Microsoft coming out with an new Xbox sooner, they should have delayed this one until it was actually ready.

medman918d ago

New consoles should be massively more powerful than their last generation counterparts, and able to do much more with that power. A release of new hardware so soon after the ps4 and xbone would fail to deliver that, especially knowing that the price point at launch will be a major factor. There are always trade me, it has to be about games, for both Sony and Microsoft. Developers will get better on the hardware as the generation ages, and whatever Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo bring for their next consoles better wow gamers, and not just graphically either.

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Volkama918d ago

Sure would be interesting if they released an "Xbox One really really premium", that cost about £700-800 quid and played the same catalogue of games at higher settings (incl 4k output).

Not many people would buy it but hey, a man can dream. And just imagine how good the "Playstation 4 really really elite" would be!


I would definitely be fine if they launched a new PlayStation and Xbox in around two years from now technology is so is dated in 4 years it would also be nice if they want a little more premium this time on the gpu's

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