Stuck In My Head: Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

Jeff Gerstmann of Giant Bomb writes:

"E3 is over, which means I can turn my attention back to the site behind the site. But I've been thinking a lot about Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe all day today, so I felt I had to quickly get some info on the game out of my system."

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MK_Red3772d ago

Hopefully the new Giant Bomb can become like the old GameSpot where it was still a good site.

Can't wait for MK vs DC. 2D + 3D gameplay FTW!

DG3772d ago

Man Im glad all the nay talk for the concept is dying down. The game looks good in motion. I just hope they polish it up a bit and here's hoping they will have DLC for the new dark night outfit and Im sold.

PS. hope they left the chess mini game in there. Love that ish! Even the puzzle fighter mini game was good. I got my GF hooked on that. I dont know something about your GF who hates video games playing Mortal Kombat non stop is a turn on.

MK_Red3771d ago

Cool indeed. I hope they don't leave the DK suit for DLC.

As for Chess and Puzzle Kombat, Boon said that there probably won't be any mini-games outside the main kombat but I could be wrong.