The Witcher 3 Won’t Allow You To Save Manually On Xbox One

SegmentNext - Developer CD Projekt RED took its time with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, we had to suffer through a few delays with the hope of getting an ironed out game. However, it seems even though they did their best, some issues were left unattended.

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thunderbird86973d ago

Very misleading title. I've played about 20 hours so far and haven't had any problems saving manually or automatically.

lifeisgamesok973d ago

Agreed this is strange.

I over saved while playing yesterday to be safe entering new areas and not knowing what lurks ahead

thunderbird86973d ago

I've had that "Can't save now" box come up, but that's only while in combat, or once I tried to save on a ladder and it wouldn't let me. No problems any other time. I don't use the suspend and resume feature, so I can't comment on that part, but you can save manually.

Farmassy973d ago

I had this problem. I think it happens when you let the system go into standby for a while. I lost about 2 hours of my game. Whenever I tried to save, it said that I wasn't able to save then. I assumed this was because I was in a quest or near an enemy. I haven't had the same problem again. I just save often to make sure it doesn't happen again

973d ago
kreate973d ago

Oh wow. I havnt played enough of the game yet to be experiencing these issues.

Im still at the beginning and so far didnt have issues with the saves.

It would be extremely annoying if
it happens after 100 hours of gameplay.

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kreate973d ago


This is a slightly misleading title. Not a very misleading title.
Did u read the article?

shloobmm3973d ago

I have always left my xbox in instant on and havent had an issue in any game. Definitely havent had any issues in witcher 3 manually saving.


I have not had a problem either. My friend though called me last night and said that when he got home from work and turned on his Xbox, the Witcher was already running where he left off, he said he could not manually save, but when he closed the game out when he turned it off later, after that it worked fine?

Maybe it has to do with the digital copy and trying to save after leaving the game running in standby?

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Skate-AK973d ago

Ah man. That is a bummer that people are losing progress. I hate that. Have lost upwards of 5 hours before and was really bummed out. Surprised something small like the suspend/resume issue didn't get caught during QA.

MasterCornholio973d ago

I'm sure they will fix that.

Jazzuri973d ago

i've not had any problems....

5 hours in and saves a plenty...

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