E3 2015: Is A PS4 Price Drop All Sony Has Left To Counter Microsoft?

SegmentNext - The war between Sony and Microsoft in the console market is over a decade old. Microsoft’s original Xbox was hammered by the PlayStation 2, but the brand came back strong with the release of Xbox 360

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Septic1184d ago

"Sony’s holiday line-up has never looked weaker!"

Wait till E3 at least. Also, have people forgotten No Mans Sky?

"Sony is short on exclusives, Uncharted 4 is delayed and one of their flagship titles – The Order 1886 – failed to live-up to expectations."

Bloodborne still represents a heavy weight AAA title that MS doesn't have. Why not mention that?

In short, no, there is plenty Sony can do. It may need to counter MS in the AAA arena but it already has Bloodborne secured in its armory.

Genuine-User1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

Asking to wait till E3 is a bit much don't you think.

Bloodborne is a niche title and doesn't count.



sovkhan1184d ago

Nailed it son!!! no need to say more :)

Chevalier1184d ago

Whoa don't forget only Christmas months count. The other 10 months of gaming are not important.

remixx1161184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

Hell I'll join in, why not I guess: deep down, uncharted 4, ratchet and clank, horizon, gran turismo 7, god of war 4, star ocean 5, disgeae 5, dragon quest heroes etc etc etc.

styferion1184d ago

apparently they only count AAA and mainstream genre when it comes to PS4 exclusive.. yet they love to mention every XB1 titles exist, you know, the one they're not actually buying but listed proudly everytime they post.

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garos821184d ago

They seem to have forgotten Persona 5 and Street Fighter V.

Septic1184d ago

Ah yeah and those. Massive games, the latter even more so.

Immorals1184d ago

I'd never heard of the Persona series before seeing it mentioned on this site!

Persistantthug1184d ago


apparently Japanese born games don't count.

garos821184d ago

ive heard of it here and there and only recently tried playing Persona 4. I cant believe ive missed out on such a great game. currently on my first playthrough and as i understand it there are loads of endings so have a feeling i will be playing it for a while.

if you like japanese turn based rpgs i HIGHLY recommend it

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Azzanation1184d ago

Bloodborne isn't a system seller, that game would probably sell 2millon units lifetime. Not ditching the game but if that's all the PS4 has going for it this year then ill be worried as a owner.

SF5 looks good but that's also on PC.

Primal1184d ago

Bloodborne will reach 3-4 million sales son.

Spotie1184d ago

It's a good thing that's not all the PS4 has going for it this year. Not even close.

emilijo7771180d ago

you mean just like ryse, dead rising 3, titanfall, ori and soon fable and tomb raider are on pc, right?

lelo2play1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

At this moment Microsoft does seem to have a stronger line-up of games for the second half of 2015, but let's wait until E3 to see what Sony has in store. In all honesty I think Sony has a few surprises.

... but, if Sony's main focus is to promote 3rd party games (Star Wars, MGS, etc) with their console for Holiday 2015, without a couple of decent exclusives, I'm going to be severely disappointed.

WiredX1184d ago

That's the Point. if they fail to impress at E3, then Microsoft will have Upper hand

MrSec841184d ago

Dude it's not even close, that's not even a likely prospect at this point.

The sheer number of exclusives in the AAA space on PS4 is much bigger than what XB1.
It's 2 games this year, to about 6, maybe more on PS4 and then there's the smaller AA stuff or indies, which basically make up a huge library of content that will only make things go more in PS4's favor later this year.

The AAA PS4 exclusive games all seem to target a different audience to what MS are focusing on, so there's not really any way MS can gain the upper hand.

Sony has a tonne of AAA exclusive games that they're yet to announce as well, loads of developers that released their last games on PS3 in 2011/12/13 have been quiet for ages, any of those could be announced to pack out the areas that PS4 may be lacking in (like a Racer, FPS or a fighter).

Even without that Sony has the bigger library of stuff coming later this year, which adds to an already great 2015.

NeoGamer2321184d ago

There has been only one AAA retail game this year and that was Bloodborne. Sony is ahead 1-0 in the retail space.

In the Indie space they are about even this year.

Going into the second half, Sony really appears lacking as far as AAA games for the holiday. They are hyping games that probably won't get to AAA status. While MS already has Halo 5, Forza Motorsports 6, and Fable Legends all AAA franchises that sell millions per IP release. What does Sony have for AAA franchises that are used to selling millions this holiday?

ThanatosDMC1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

^Obviously, you havent played Helldivers.

Btw StoneFoxMedia if you read this, poor choice on today's yt video.

funkybudda1184d ago


what your definition of AAA exclusives? MLB The SHow, is pretty much the undisputed baseball game across all consoles and gaming industry, but are you going to throw a "I dont care for baseball" so that game doesnt count bullshit?

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rainslacker1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

Promoting Star Wars is probably enough. It has more brand recognition than anything MS has to offer, and it's releasing at the same time as a highly anticipated movie. I don't think Sony has to do much this holiday other than promote that, along with the 3rd party exclusives or 3rd party multi-plats they will likely partner with, and the perception won't be that Sony has no games, just that Sony has Star Wars, and some other games.

A lot of people around here seem to think that if they say PS4 has no games enough, the non-hardcore gamer will believe it. What they fail to realize is, is that the non-hardcore gamer is probably more likely to buy what their friends have, and will look in the store or on Amazon, and see plenty of titles to choose from. They don't have to be new releases to be new to someone without a PS4.

Other than that, up to this point, Sony has outsold MS 2:1 outside of a month in one region last holiday. If they can do that despite not having anything to offer, alledgedly, why do people think they need to start offering more now? It baffles me that just because the holidays are coming that people think Sony is going to drop the ball because they had to delay UC4.

johndoe112111184d ago

Didn't you get the memo? Even though microsoft has about 4 known exclusives to release at the end of the year and sony will be releasing about 15 exclusives throughout the year "the pS4 has no games". If they close their eyes reeeaaaally tight and believe it with all their hearts it may actually come their own little delusional world.

MrSec841184d ago

While I agree Star Wars is that big Sony has a tonne of big games in development, many are likely prospects for this Fall.

Killzone usually gets a release every 2 years, that can be what Cambridge are working on.
GT7 has been in development since way before GT6 came out.
The likes of TLG, Agent, Eight Days and The Getaway never ended up getting canceled, so if they're still in the works then they'd have to be basically done by now.
All of those games have already been announced as well, so Sony can just show them off as PS4 releases, slate one or 2 for the Fall and it was do nothing but amp up PS4's position this Fall, well beyond it's already positive place.

Resistance has been absent for about 4 years, Sony can easily have a new game ready for this Fall.

Playstation All Stars could easily get a new release, the 1st one came out in 2012, sold reasonably well (well over a million units), the developers that made Puppeteer and Knack would have been busy making something new for 2 years by November this year, they could easily have new games or a new game for PS4.

Namco has a new Racer to announce, while it may be an F1 game, it could always be a new, exclusive Ridge Racer for PS4.

This is going to be a pretty big E3, considering it's the 20th anniversary of the event.
I suspect Sony will have a lot of new games to announce there and at least a few of them will probably get Fall 2015 release dates.

Chevalier1184d ago

You know I have people come in regularly that think Star Wars is only coming to PS4. All Sony has to do is announce a PS4 Star Wars bundle like the Batman one and they're guaranteed sales. I love how shortsighted the Xbone fans are. 2 months of sales doesn't make up for losing out every month worldwide.

SpaceRanger1184d ago

Just from your first sentence I can tell that you are a very SMART man! I've been saying this from the start and all everyone ever told me was that it's "blind optimism" and that all the "dude-bro" games coming out in the holidays will muffle Star Wars Battlefront.

There's a documentary called "When Star Wars Ruled The World" that talks about how anything Star Wars flys off the shelf when any one of their movies is released. This Star Wars will be no different and potentially surpass them all...which in turn will help Battlefront muffle every other shooter coming out this winter. I will eat my words if it doesn't happen lol

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johndoe112111184d ago

You people keep using this "Microsoft does seem to have a stronger line-up of games for the second half of 2015" comment consistently, as if it's some sort of badge of honor for microsoft. The only reason they do is because they had NOTHING (besides ori) for the first 10 months of the year.You guys make it sound like sony has just been sitting around pussy footing all year.

Sony did what gamers expect any console manufacturer to do, release a steady flow of exclusives throughout the year to compliment the third party releases. THAT'S what both companies should be doing. You guys keep praising microsoft for leaving the xbone barren all year like it's some sort of great strategy or something.

styferion1184d ago

not to mention PS4 actually still has more exclusives pre E3 (Persona 5, Until Dawn, Rime, No Man's Sky, Everybody Gone to Rapture, Tomorrow's Children, Hellblade), but no, if it's not shooter or it's not mainstream they won't even consider it exist.

And yet they still wonder why all those diverse gamers choose PS4 over XB1...

Khajiit861184d ago

What do they have? Halo and Forza? Ill pass.

kenshiro1001184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

...You're serious, right?

Wake me up when Microsoft actually has new IPs in development.

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Haru1184d ago

meh i dont care if they cut the price because the price is going to stay the same at least here where i live retails dont care about official prices they dictate their own prices heck xbone is still 400 euros here

Gwiz1184d ago

Whoever disagreed with this is a moron,currency exchange wise we pay more as it is.

MrDead1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

Out of the two why do does this article writer think Sony needs to do more? They have exclusives releasing throughout the year, VR, better versions of multi platform titles, an expected price drop at E3 and is outselling its closest competition by 2:1, what more do you want from a gaming system?

I think it's MS that need to do something.
They need to address why the Xbox only sells good numbers in one region.
No exclusives until the end of the year and those exclusives apart from Halo aren’t very inspiring. Third Forza game this gen and a remaster ( Fable and Tomb Raider aren’t exclusives).
They need to let us know after DX12 and Windows 10 are out why do we need an Xbox? DX12 is bringing down the cost of PC gaming by bringing in console efficiencies, meaning you will be able to buy a PC off the shelf and expect console graphics at console prices, Xbox Live is free on PC and many Xbox exclusives end up on PC. With a PC I will be able to play Xbox games with my friends without paying a subscription to Live.
They need to keep Xbox exclusives on the Xbox, because I can get so many Xbox games on my PC I have no need to buy Xbox.

1184d ago
SmielmaN1184d ago

*slow clap*. Bubs up. Very intelligent comment buddy.