Batman: Arkham Origins Wii U Review

WAJG writes: "It’s by no means a perfect game. It treads on familiar territory, has some pretty notable technical problems and lacks the polish of the first two games, but is still overall a fun experience."

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Maybay1100d ago

Great game.

The Wii U gamepad works wonderfully in unison.

coolman2291099d ago

I really enjoyed Origins on my Wii U. The only bad part was that I couldn't get the Cold, Cold, Heart DLC cause they didn't release it on the Wii U. Still makes me mad cause I love Mr. Freeze.

wonderfulmonkeyman1099d ago

It's that lack of content parity, despite the system's specs being more than capable of handling it, that made me give up on Wii U versions of third party multiplats.
I stopped buying them after I gave ME3 a buy used and I haven't regretted the decision yet. Not when so many exclusives and indies just simply offer more.

I hope they've got the sense to offer complete games on the NX when it rolls around. I'd love to give them my money for worthwhile games.

kakashi811099d ago

All the Lego games are missing out on the dlc also...Smh