The cybersquatters are wrong: we can’t wait for Star Wars: Battlefront

MyGaming: "So I’ve decided to address one of the images hosted on the page.

I’m annoyed that one of the images they’ve chosen to use is a rather short sighted set of reasons as to why the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront is supposedly an inferior game to Star Wars: Battlefront II by Pandemic Studios."

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Angelin1186d ago

This article describes exactly what I feel. I trust that we're going to have a quality game here. I'm sure the decision of having 20vs20 was not an evil one but more of a fun experience assurance.

As for the number of maps. 12 at launch + let's say 5 DLCs with 4 maps each = 32 maps. That's awesome!

Peace_Love_and_FPS1185d ago

It may not have been evil but it was a massive compromise. I honestly and wholeheartedly hope you have fun, just to me they're not making a game that honors the previous battlefront, they're making a profit at the behest of the movie and compromised to make it easy on themselves.

Angelin1185d ago

I totally understand how you feel and I respect that. I'm also a game developer and I know that there's a lot of work involved in doing such a game. So in a way I'm looking from inside... Games became more and more complex over the years so I'm sure they don't want a bone that they cannot chew. I can only encourage their effort and hope we're going to have a fun multiplayer after 10 years of waiting and maybe space battles in a future DLC.

I'm also looking forward to the single player Visceral Games are working on.

So in essence I trust DICE with multiplayer (that's what they do best), hopefully EA are not going to f**k this up :)

Peace_Love_and_FPS1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

Well you're an indie developer, yes? I'm guessing you don't make games because they pay well ;) but, EA does chase that profit more than anyone, and I'm just hoping that compromise, particularly the 20v20, doesn't degrade the great large scale gameplay they're known for.

You are right though, DICE is good at balancing multiplayer, it's just the optimization which they can't quite get on frostbite 3, but seeing as they already had BF4 down then I don't see why they couldn't make it 32v32.

However, I think the space battles will be survived by the 20v20 dogfights they've promised :) they just won't be in outer space unfortunately.