Art Academy: Atelier Sketched In For 26th June Release in Europe, Includes YouTube Upload Feature

While completing work on the full version for Wii U, Nintendo released Art Academy: SketchPad in August 2013 to tide over creative gamers for a short spell. The full Art Academy then missed its 2014 release target, prompting some concerns it had been sidelined; those worries can now be laid to rest with the announcement of Art Academy: Atelier.

It's arriving in Europe on 26th June - the same day as Yoshi's Woolly World in the region - though is yet to have a North American release date; we expect the latter soon. This is the full-fat version of the game, so as a result it'll include a full tool-set and 30 lessons to help beginners learn their craft. It'll also have the usual options of SD card import and exports, displaying work in an internal gallery and, like SketchPad, it'll allow you to share creations on Miiverse.

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