The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – How to Get All Gwent Cards Guide

Want to have all unique and best cards in your deck, it can be hard, because every player of Gwent game will not give his card so easily. To complete your collection of cards you need to challenge every single player in the realm and also complete some additional quests such as Gwent Quests and some secondary quests for this.

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GamingChip79856d ago

It's so hard not to just splurge and buy this game it looks like a blast. Wish I had the extra money. >.<

Immorals856d ago

It's so vast.. Call it a saving in the long run. You'll forget about eating, drinking, socialising and you won't need another game for an age!

camel_toad856d ago

Rob a liqour store or gas station! If you played gta v then that should be all the practice you need! Im sure it will go over smoothly. But seriously when you do have the money this game is absolutely worth it.

DEEBO856d ago

I got a pretty sh--y deck right now but I will buy more later.

camel_toad856d ago

Ive played and beat the other witchers but never really bothered to get into the card (or whatever it was) portion of the games but Im really liking gwent in this one. Nice break in the gameplay and building my deck up is nicely addicting.

DEEBO856d ago

Some NPC'S decks are insane!

stavrami856d ago (Edited 856d ago )

Gwent has spoiled my fun with the witcher as now I don't even play the story I just run around trying to challenge everyone at a game of cards. Seriously though love this game

alexjonh304856d ago

totally agreed...Gwent makes witcher a gamer :P