Playstation Now Beta Preview (Invision Game Community)

Have you ever wondered why Sony decided not to make the PS4 back compatible? After all it was a big selling point on the previous two console generations that you were able to enjoy all your old classics. Well we think we can now assume that the reason the PS4 ditched the popular feature was nothing more than £££, $$$, €€€ or whatever currency you have depending where you’re from.

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Gamer19821184d ago

At least they offer some way of playing older games on ps4.. Xbox needs this feature as there is a demand for it. Remasters prove there is a market for classic games and Sony are giving into that market. My only issue is if your not remastering it and people have already bought at least digital for ps3 they should be entitled to stream the ps3 version for free to ps4.

Eidolon1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

It'd be great if they could do that, but I don't think there should be any entitlement.. you bought the game to play on the system, and PS Now is a service and platform itself, the software license did not grant you access to the service for that game.. It is OUR decision to sell the system, or not use it to play the game.

GribbleGrunger1184d ago

PSNow has nothing to do with BC. It's a decent alternative for those who want that but it's prime reason for existing is to untether the PS brand and allow everyone with a broadband connection to subscribe.

Eidolon1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

Exactly, but money is still the reason they didn't add BC... BC would have drove the price of the system higher and Sony would not have sold as many units, or they would lose money if they kept the $400 tag. Not to mention the system would be bulkier, heavier, louder, and possibly less attractive.

Kingdomcome2471184d ago

I agree with the money statement, but honest question, what type of hardware would it take to enable bc? Would it really cause a sizeable difference in the console's form factor?

lxlkuyaboilxl1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

They would either have to develop another Emotion Engine CPU or gather resources to develop software BC that will work for all games. The R&D to come up with a CPU to translate that older code to current hardware might push the console release back further. It'll cost them time and resources to do any of that.

Both Sony and Microsoft probably thought it was best to use those resources to make the best system they can make within their time constraints. They may have benefited from including BC, but by how much?

Maybe they really took a stab at including BC but failed many times to get it right. At the end of the day it may have just been a business decision to say "Hey, it's easier to just leave this out. We just need this thing to play current gen games". This way software developers can then make decisions on a case by case basis to create a solution. Remasters, Remakes and Definitive Editions became both a blessing and a curse from my experience.

It kinda sucks growing up where BC was the norm to seeing how things are now :/
This probably won't be a problem for kids growing up with these current gen systems... Unless they have a Wii U haha.

It'll be interesting to hear the postmortem of developing these consoles one day.

Captain_Wormy1184d ago

I tried playing RE5 on it but since my internet is hammered sh!t it lagged and froze and made it unplayable.

comebackkid98911184d ago

Forgoing PSX/PS2 BC is inexcusable.

dragonaught0071184d ago

You need at least a constant 10mbps I got 13 and I played uncharted 3 flawlessly

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