The Best Part Of Nintendo's 'Splatoon' Is Single-Player Adventure Mode

Nintendo hosted a preview party for Splatoon in a swanky Manhattan loft. Journalists, bloggers, and YouTubers showed up with kids in tow.

It was clear what Nintendo wanted to emphasize. The big show, spread out against the long front wall, was Splatoon’s online multiplayer mode. You’ve probably read many reviews about it already. Premiered at E3 last year, Splatoon’s eight player online mode is a paint-splatter turf war. “Inklings” battle to cover the playing field in their team’s color. When you shoot an opponent, there’s a paint explosion and then the inkling re-spawns back at his or her home base. There’s no killing. Nintendo wants it to be family friendly.

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JLynn9431034d ago

Can't wait for this game! The single-player mode is just as intriguing to me as the online multiplayer, if not moreso. This is the kind of new IP I think Nintendo has been missing. Hopefully it's as good as early users have indicated and will do well enough to build a new franchise.

N4g_null1034d ago

agreed they are putting so much into this game. I'm really liking how hard nintendo is going on their last few releases, it's been a treat. this is a very cool ip they have.

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rawrock1033d ago

I tried the testfire, but wasnt too impressed. Controls seemed a bit off. Think Ill wait till its on a good sale...

Mega_Volnutt1034d ago

Black Ops 3 is in serious problem this holidays. Not really, but I hope Splatoon dominates...

N4g_null1033d ago

If more of the single player ideas make it into multiplayer I would say yes black ops should be afraid. This is smash Bros verses street fighter 2. Also if the response is big why not try a 64 player version of splatoon with vehicles!

Mega_Volnutt1033d ago

Yeah that would be awesome. Like, some kind of a mounted splat turret vehicle that shoots ink on a hose or something like a firemans truck, with a bigger map, oh man the possibilities are endless, but I'm kind in on a turn off mode, because there's no Off-TV screen play. I don't have a tv right now and I was expecting to play this on the ganepad like on my 3ds. Disappointed may I say...

N4g_null1033d ago

Full game isn't out yet and a update could add that. This game could get tons of updates.

Kingdomcome2471033d ago

It does look really refreshing and awesome. Nintendo actually sent out some awesome hilarious looking squid hats to Gamestop to promote the game.

GoPanthers9991033d ago

My kids immediately mute online voicechat. They cannot stand rude players using bad language.