Why 'The Witcher 2' Is Better Than 'The Witcher 3' (So Far)

Mild spoilers may follow. This is Part One of my ongoing ‘Witcher 3′ review.

Partly because The Witcher III: Wild Hunt is so huge, and partly because I only got a review code a few hours before the game launched, I’ll be reviewing it as I go.

I’ve done this plenty before of course, treating many of my video game reviews as works-in-progress, journal-as-you-play. This will be no different. Take whatever I say in the following passages as nothing more than first impressions.

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I would have to think that they are both equally awesome

Ezz20131070d ago

For me, Witcher 3 is far better than 1 and 2
the combat alone is just in another level for the other witcher games
which i always thought have a very dated combat system

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Captain_TomAN941070d ago

You see I personally got bored almost instantly with the Witcher 2. Is 3 any better in reality besides the obvious stuff like graphics?

Keep in mind this is someone who loves the Souls series and Bloodborne.

Frankly after those games 90% of sword fighting games play like absolute garbage imo.

starchild1069d ago

The combat in the Witcher 3 is way better than in W2 and is frankly awesome. But if you're one of those diehard Souls/Bloodborne fans that thinks those games are flawless gifts from the gods and who can't seem to adjust to anything else you probably won't like it.

Personally, I like both series and can enjoy them for their unique strengths and weaknesses.

Ezz20131069d ago (Edited 1069d ago )


No i'm not one of the Souls's diehard fans at all
i like souls games but the gameplay have it fair share of problems to me too

out of all of them Witcher 3 offer the best combat in RPG game to me ...(Didn't play Bloodborne)

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bomajed1070d ago

Witcher 2 was good, really good, but Witcher 3 is just miles better in every possible aspect!

Summons751070d ago

I think W3 is better than W2. Reason being W2 expects you to have played the first game and know everything about the series. As someone who started with the 360 version it was really jarring being thrown into everything and not given anything to make it less confusing. W3 starts with that cutscene before the menu that explains the world, a beginning cutscene that brings you up to speed on the story without any words, a dream that gives back story to a lot of important characters, and it slowly brings you into the world. It started beautifully and the improved combat just makes it way better. The only thing I find annoying with the W3 is the swimming, the game always seems to fight me and do the opposite of what I want.

fallacious1070d ago

Forbes articles are generally terrible.

ThePope1070d ago

Agreed. As I think most do, unless its bashing the X1 then people on this site act as if its the lords word.

ON TOPIC: The Witcher 2 was amazing, and while I'm only a couple hours into the W3 its so much easier to complete and thus enjoy quests. I would run around for what seemed like hours trying to find the things the quest book is telling me to find.

oIITSBIIo1070d ago

So far for me TW3 is better, but the OST is not that good compared to TW2.

linkenski1069d ago

I guess music is entirely subjective, but I am in love with the soundtrack for this one whereas I thought W2 was kind of just decent.

It doesn't have any distorted guitars this time, but those cellos and screaming vocalists just sets the tone perfectly.

HaveAsandwich1070d ago

forbes wrote another gaming article. darn.

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