Is 'House of Wolves' Destiny's 'Diablo 3' Moment?

Yesterday, Destiny’s second DLC launched, The House of Wolves, but it wouldn’t be surprising if you assumed an entirely new game was debuting, judging by the hype beforehand and the reaction from fans after.

After an initial launch that drew many 6/10s from major outlets, and a first DLC pack that had many fans turning up their noses, House of Wolves was a chance to show that Bungie has listen to the player who had stayed loyal to the game regardless, or at least wanted a very good reason to keep playing it.

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DevilishSix1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

No it is not a Diablo 3 moment. For the price of the two Destiny DLCs, Diablo 3 offered the Reaper of Souls expansion, which is what a gamer changer should look like. It added a whole new chapter with the new Westmarch area with new bosses. This was around a 25% addition to just the storyline alone. A new Adventure mode was added. A new character class was added. Lesser and Greater rifts were added that make Diablo 3 endless, I know many seasoned players can get past GR 58+ legit. In comparison the Prison of Elders in Destiny is capped at just a few levels(from 28 to 34 I believe). New Ancient Lengendary weapons and gear were introduce that are 10 times harder to get then normal legendary drops. New weapons, new gear, new class sets, new goblin types, new rare goblin treasure room portals. A new Nemesis system was introduced where an enemy that has killed a player on your friends list can infiltrate your game to battle and reap rewards. The list goes on and on for the Diablo 3 expansion. The Destiny expansions are content weak in comparison to Diablo 3 expansion. Also consider the rotation of new seasonal weapons and gear are free in Diablo 3. What has Destiny ever given its fanbase for free besides nerfing everything so players are forced to play the way Bungie wants them to play. So again the answer is no.

Blues Cowboy1153d ago


Well said. Though I'm enjoying House Of Wolves, it's less of an expansion and more just adding a few features that quite frankly should have been in at launch.

DivoJones1153d ago

And the story mode had a few more stops than TDB did, but it's still lackluster and regurgitated content. Oh hey a new level.. oh nope it's this old level but backwards. While there are a few areas that are slightly expanded, like going back to the area that the game begins, it manages to still feel lazy. I'll give the prison of elders a run tonight since the first/easiest level of it has matchmaking, but so far i'm not impressed.

DevilishSix1153d ago

I enjoyed Destiny for what it was as well, I just took alittle offense this author for Forbes was trying to compare an exceptional expansion from Blizzard to the weak expansions Bungie has offered.

Allsystemgamer1153d ago

I got ripped apart on the forums for mentioning how disappointed I was with HOW. I mention short comings and how it really doesn't being much new for the price and all they told me to do was gtfo and go lay under a bus

OmegaShen1153d ago

Comparing HoW vs D3 dlc, yeah its way better. Don't have to buy a new copy to play it.

People going to hate because they got nothing else to do.

NiteX1153d ago

Was that only a console thing or something? Cause I very much solely bought the expansion, which was nothing more than an add-on and not a stand alone game.

OmegaShen1153d ago

Yes, Diablo 3 with dlc was a new game you had to buy for consoles. Which was a rip off if you got Diablo 3 without it.

vallencer1153d ago


If you bought it on the PC you had to have vanilla D3 to even play it. It wasn't stand alone on the PC. So in total it was like 100 for pc users to have both. It's basically the same on consoles.

maybelovehate1153d ago

They definitely did good. Having so much fun.

WizzroSupreme1153d ago

Yup, it sure is. And it's awesome for it.