Smash Bros. Player Is So Damn Good, There's Now A Bounty On His Head

Gonzalo “Zero” Barrios is on a hot streak. Since November 2014, he’s come in first for every Super Smash Bros. for Wii U tournament he’s participated in. That makes a whopping 34 consecutive first place wins for the 1v1 category. It’s absurd.

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RJ92009857d ago

I like a challenge mmm thinking about trying to beat this guy.

andibandit857d ago

Me too, might just as well break his 34 winning streak while im at it.

lameguy857d ago

Me too. I've never played any of the smash series before. What are my chances guys?

RJ92009856d ago

Hmmm no but ill give u a hint it sounds like grape that will happen to you :(

Captain_Wormy857d ago

Pfft. Give me Lucas/Snake and I'll have his head on a platter.

cpayne93857d ago

No mere mortals can stand up to true smash pros. Especially in melee.

RJ92009857d ago

I would wipe the floor with anybody on melee.I love smash bro been to a few tournaments back in the day won some good money and prizes

cpayne93857d ago

I have placed in some melee tournaments as well, but the top players would make jokes of us. You may find your skills haven't aged well actually, most melee players today are way beyond where they were years ago.

KryptoniteTail857d ago

I won a small local tournament when SSB 3DS came out. I wasn't even very good compared to my Melee days. I never had money to do the tournament scene but I think I would have went semi-pro.

fashionst857d ago

Haha the guy in the scarf who plays a cheesy Zero Suit Samus?

Dravidian857d ago

That was pre-launch. He mains diddy and has shiek as a sub iirc.

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